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Trump’s Foreseeable Coup Attempt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/24/trumps-foreseeable-coup-attempt

Sometimes you have to imagine the worst to keep it from happening.


The SCOTUS installing the Dubya regime two decades ago confirmed to anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome that there is no limit to what CAN happen here.


My worst fear was a 9/11 terrorist deadly attack. The aftermath blame cast on Central America nation(s) to then bombard, subdue, politicalize and establish an airfield to invade Venezuela.

Odds are of course much less than 50/50 it could be pulled off. But it would stage further complicating delays and continue to divide the nation whereby we are conquered by our own leaders. Our own ruling class who won’t help the homeless as a warning to the working class how close to being homeless they too are if they make one peep about humane shelter for the suffering.

Meanwhile, free market WsMD Inc stocks are soaring. But, aren’t Tesla and Daimler stocks about to tumble? Turns out, battery resource is best utilized in ‘smaller’ and “lightweight” cars and delivery vans. Battery BEV tech must not be for heavy trucks.

Proving Plug-in hybrid tech is “indispensable” rather than “interim” tech is no simple task. I dream up scary worst-case scenario outcomes. BEV freight trucks are a crime against humanity! wasting mountains of energy resources for trans-continental trucking packaged products shipped
non-stop across seas, lakes, rivers, bays and oceans.
Love the Lockdown!

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Not to mention that battery production creates nearly as much environmental damage as fossil fuels, confirming once again that despite being a taboo subject for more than four decades, limiting population growth is the only real solution.


Trump went through a ragged dress rehearsal with Attorney General Barr. He urged Barr to arrest President-Elect Joe Biden

Biden needs to watch his back if that is true.


Look at who Trump is pardoning. He’s going to be calling in very big favors from these people, including the Blackwater mercs. I can see a second government being made, in competition with Biden, composed of those 106 GOP traitors who signed on to the Texas lawsuit plus every other mo-fo who will never say the Confederacy lost the Civil War. Ohio would join Texas, the old Confederacy, and the flyover Great Plains states.
And on the media side, to push a second Trump government would be Fox, Sinclair, the right wing christian outlets, and the Block family newspapers.
Just because something has never happened in the US doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I’ve heard the solipsist argument more times than I can understand. “We don’t have a history of a coup, of an armed military insurrection.” But what would you call the Civil War?
Trump has powerful handlers who have lots of money but zero consciences. Our only hope, oddly, may be Covid!


“Having Biden arrested on trumped up charges is within the realm of possibility.”

Advance thanks for substantiating an otherwise worthless claim.

If the MAGA’s come out shooting in the streets this will provide a necessary real-life exercise for our National Guard and Military to eradicate a great deal of the racist White Nationalist infection that the FBI says is the greatest domestic threat to the United States.

Then, arrest the ring leader Drumpf and all of his enablers.

It’s time to make things right.


Biden is under Secret Service protection, his back is being watched just fine. Many agents on Trumps detail have been needlessly exposed to covid events, I doubt there is enough admiration of Trump among them, to disregard their duty or oaths to break the law for him.

The military leaders have also signaled they are not “on-board” for anything outside of the Constitution, this second coup will fail, if it’s tried.

My bigger concern is the future, a future, smarter “Trump” after four years of the Biden’s administrations neoliberal policies have decimated the working even further. Our future does not look bright.


The coup happened a long time ago when corporate America took over government and walked away from the basic principle of the greatest good for the greatest number. Long gone are the days when a popular leader of the 99% could rise to power and challenge the Establishment.
What we have instead is internal squabbling over who should be the leader of the current, corrupt cabal of corporate appointed sycophants who have only pledged an allegiance to hard cash. Whether we have Biden or Trump or HRC or Bush number 3, we will still have compromised politicians who are willing to throw all of us under the bus for the lure of enormous sums of money and power.
Americans need a coup, but a coup to unseat the two political mafia parties. Until we can clean the House and Senate of all Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. government will continue to dig its heels in towards a corporate slave State that uses the law, the military and the media to undermine the public interest at every turn.


Should read “the Biden administration”.

The attempted Banker’s Coup in the late 30s, and the JFK/RFK murders are the most recent examples of coup attempts. A coup could definitely happen, under the guise, once again, of “Protecting the Republic.” Lincoln’s biggest mistake was letting the Confederates back in.


Such horrible chaos and violence couldn’t happen to a more deserving nation. If it occurs, Americans will get to live the horror that they have forced millions to live (or die) all over the World.


One big obstacle to the plan. Who is going to carry out Sidney Powells arrest and confiscation orders? Perhaps, she is going to do it herself?

There is, of course, the possibility of success. Probability, though, is slight.

Close Ray, but no Cigar.   Limiting POPULATION – i.e. ELIMINATING GROWTH – is the only real solution.  Actually, the only humane long-term solution is to gradually decrease population to a sustainable level, but far more likely is an inhumane sudden decrease in population due to famine, flood, pestilence and war — or all of these, with a major war sparked by worldwide famine, flood and pestilence.


I hope you are right, but fear you are not.  Tweetle-Dumb’s latest shake-up of civilian leaders in the Pentagon, who supposedly control the Military, is directly tied to a coup attempt in mid-January.  He has replaced those loyal to our Constitution with those loyal to himself;  the question now is, “To which of these will the Military itself be loyal?”

In reality, most of the Pentagon civilian leaders are for the most part despised by those in the military, even most of those at the top. The top military brass publicly announced a few months ago they would not veer from the Constitution, and they have the document to fall back on if ordered to do otherwise. On top of that, there were quite a few retired military leaders who publicly reminded those still active, of their obligation to the document, and not the administration. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but would be extremely unlikely.
There are other reasons, like a contingent of ex-military leaders who have met and ran scenarios, or “what if’s” and planed resolutions to subvert any military coup, there was a story about it about 4-5 months ago (I stupidly didn’t bookmark it).
Then there’s the legendary promise members of the Army’s Special Forces made to President Kennedy, to use their teaching skills on the general US population to help them fight back against a tyrannical government. No one but them know if it’s true but there are some weird coincidences surrounding the unit and President Kennedy.

“Let’s Talk About A Kennedy Legend You’ve Probably Never Heard And Why It’s Important Today…”
Beau of the Fifth Column Platform

Isn’t it going to cost like half a trillion dollars to install charging stagings for all these BEV vehicles that can’t go long distance now? Keep the batteries for hybrids driven close to home where they can be recharged with existing infrastructure (mostly overnight in one’s garage). Most BEV vehicles are another tragic technology misdirection waiting to happen.


Just to be clear, for the Bois With Guns, the Constitution ALWAYS take precedence over a person, no matter WHO that person is. God knows it (so does Gawd), and so do we. If you go against that, YOU are wrong; you should know that, too.

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