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Trump’s Foreseeable Coup Attempt

I think we should just make the targets, and stick to enforcement of them. The companies will have to sell all of those needed battery-charges, so OF COURSE they will be the ones who actually make it work, by putting in the lines themselves (which will get the job done faster and cheaper).

But don’t feel sorry for them; that’s what companies DO: they see needs, and find ways to answer them. And then, they GET PAID for doing it, don’t forget about that part… or at the least they might defray the social stigma they’ve inherited for the actions they’ve done AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT over the years.

What’s so odd is that even for those who recognize the rise of fascism here and
now, haven’t heard anyone yet trace it to 50 years of voting on HACK-ABLE electronic
voting computers – and why not? No one ever questioned voting on computers?
Especially – come on, now — computers with NO PAPER TRAIL???

Because it’s only in the last few years that PAPER has been added to these electronic
computers – and they cannot be used to put together an actual paper recount – doesn’t
work that way.

WHY did that happen? Because after 2000, W Bush and the Florida recall by Bush’s cousin,
many Americans began to add 2 and 2 and moved to Vote by Mail where we were supplied
actual PAPER BALLOTS, PEN and TRACKING NUMBERS. These voting computers should
have been junked very early on as they immediately began to deliver very odd and unbelievable
right wing “wins.” Maybe even the idea that “wins” were being announced based on 1% and
even at times 0% of the estimated vote finally got to be a question for those watching the counts?
Previously, before the computers, MSM had only be permitted to call “winners” based on ACTUAL
VOTES TALLIED … not estimated votes. Did we really need our elections to be so speeded up
that we were willing to accept ESTIMATED votes of 1% and 0%??? And consider that new power
gave to MSM and calling elections.

And, btw, Germany did junk their voting computers as “Un-Constitutional” –
and Ireland did the same – Pelosi’s response to hack-able electronic voting computers
was that she didn’t want to “destroy the trust Americans had in our elections” … WHAAT?

Despite right wing propaganda and its success, actual truth moved by liberals also works
to wake people up – many ways to get your opinions to leadership – remember FACEBOOK.
They of course make it as difficult as possible to reach elected officials and even media now.
The TWO-WAY street the internet has introduced, including with emails for MSM is no as
reliable as it used to be. But keep at it. It does help.

I agree that there seems to be more dismissive opinion about Trump’s attempts to pull off
a coup here; however, this evening I came upon a a cable channel/1 America which looks like
a Trump network and which is very actively moving the “fake” issues that Trump dwells on –
election stolen – all of the debunked material that he’s continues to regurgitate – appealing to
followers to push elected officials to overturn the election.

Somehow, I just don’t buy the numbers in regard to Trump supporters – but I do very clearly
see their very aggressive and violent intentions – after all, that’s the trade mark of the right wing.
And certainly the attempt to murder Gov. Whitmer in Michigan is something which should be
discussed every day here. Take it seriously!

Don’t know how anyone else here feels about these threats – I’m of two minds about it –
the reason being that I don’t buy the numbers on the election returns for Trump – or of his
followers. I don’t see a totally polarized America as our MSM has continued to report it.
Yes, we have many right wingers prepared to be violent – but we’d already seen that in the
abortion wars. And, they are “White male supremacists” joined by CHURCH/RCC-Evangelical
fanatics who have in the past MURDERED DOCTORS.

I’ll buy 30% – but not half or more of the population who wants to throw away democracy for


Which is why the second amendment is important.

If Ohio (and/or Indiana) tried to “join” anything like that, their respective N.G’s would activate to restore stability. It wouldn’t even be a fair fight.

They’ve got a 10-20 year head start on us in that regard. We just better pray that the pathological followers in the National Guard grow a conscience.

I remember well the AccuVote2000 machines and their “inconsistencies” (probably hacked). Ken Blackwell and the Ohio count in 2004, as well as Florida in 2000. Trump said repeatedly that the only way for him to lose was for something under-handed. I think he tipped his hand, there, in that all the polls showed him behind. He DID have the system rigged, but someone detected and defeated that. Maybe he needs to call Dov Zakheim?
I appreciate your somewhat thorough comment. Can you recommend an article that addresses voting machine’s/software’s role in the outcome of the 2016 election?


All very well put. Thanks. How ironic it would be if The Trumpsters pushed through a voting machine confiscation and analysis showed Dominion machines ARE manipulated and always have been (ay least since 2010 when they acquired the infamous Diebold crap) only in the opposite direction from their expectations!

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“We don’t have a history of a coup, of an armed military insurrection”
just tell them we don’t have a well documented history of such and have them google Gen. Smedley Butler and (thanks to him) the failed coup of 1930’s.


Even if our mediocre public schools did a half-decent job of trying to teach civics – which most no longer do – the Bois and their ilk are the smart-ass punks in the back of the room shooting spit-wads at the teacher and disrupting the class instead of listening.  The ones who haven’t already dropped out, that is.  And all they hear from their fascist “christian” churches is that “Thou shalt not kill” applies only to their fellow funny-dementalists and MAGA-morons, not to ‘lib-tard’ commies.


Again, I hope you are right but fear you are not.  Mid-January, 2021 should be “interesting”, in any event.

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When do we achieve peak cobalt?

dog –

Which is why the overturning of the true intent of the 2nd amendment as upheld for
more than 100 years by our Supreme Courts as being about a MILITIA is where we
need to be –

It was the GOP’s moving the Supreme Court to fascism that produced the “NEW”
interpretation of the 2nd amendment and which has allowed Elites/right wing and the
fascists working for them to ACTUALLY NOW THREATEN THE NATION AND OUR

So – no – where we are now was powered by the fascist SC and their work to create
violence and chaos in our societies to overturn democracy here.

Any response to this gun violence resulting now in political violence by right wing must
be non-violence –

And, btw, this running of drugs and guns in societies has been the long time MO of the
CIA for more than 50 years in nations where there were actually democratic governments
or left-leaning governments … THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT OUR CIA DID IN ORDER TO
OVERTURN THEIR DEMOCRACIES … run drugs and guns.

vociferous –

As those who immediately understood the JFK assassination was an American coup
by elected leaders, officials and CIA at the time* – you have to have power on the
left to bring the story/charges forward. And even now – more than 50 years later –
the left still does not have that power. IMO, the truth of the stolen primaries by the DP
and the truth of any theft of votes for Trump in 2016 – or even increasing his tallies in
2020 – most likely won’t be heard unless we can finally move our government back to
the left – at least to the FDR left. However, there is a paperback book (make sure every
page is intact) which costs about $3 here and there called VOTESCAM-THE STEALING
OF AMERICA by two brothers who were also journalists; and one of whom had run for
office as the voting computers began to come in about 1967. Or go to YouTube where
you can find VOTESCAM there and several ways to read or review it.

But, if you look at what happened to the OHIO concerns and concerns about 2000, they
were met with the investigation by Rep. Conyers being moved into the Capital basement –
and what followed 2000 with all its suspicions of G Bush being wired – of his cousin working
at one of the networks pushing for a recall of Florida after they announced it for Gore …
was a long series of events – ANTHRAX attacks for one, especially on Dems who were
resisting the Patriot Act – the demonizing of DP leaders like Daschle who was resisting the
Patriot Act even before that – and then the shutting down of Congress because of threat of
more Anthrax attacks – where for minimum 6 months and more all correspondence to our
elected officials was held up for 6 weeks and longer as they “washed” it and hung it up to dry.

And unless we win this fight against Elites and their fascism you’ll never hear the truth.

With the Nashville, Tennessee bombing yesterday – we are being shown yet one more example
of right wing VIOLENCE delivering us to GOP’s “third world America.”

  • which included LBJ, Allen Dulles, Hoover, GHW Bush, John Connolly, Richard Nixon,
    on and on – and MAFIA working for the CIA –
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Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve looked into this issue so I don’t recall the
original names of those Republican companies that owned the voting computers –
but think the information is still there and available.

Hesitate to say that, however, as Wiki has long been under assault by right wing
simply for providing basic information of events and dates. But since 2017 and
Trump’s takeover there has been more of a strong assault on information on the internet.
(IMO) And a definite attempt to wipe out Wiki.

This reminds me also that our newspapers, mags, were encouraged to dump their official
records of events/phots, etal decades ago. Just for another insanity! Not sure how many
actually did it – but rarely will you read full backgrounds to stories any longer.

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The nationalism that forms the basis of Trump’s supporters is in many ways a direct result of the long-term fear/hate induced by 9/11. I believe this is an orchestrated plan. Trump won on one issue alone: illegal immigration, and this issue is directly related to “national security” (at least theoretically), and this is the tie-in to 9/11.
With Trump’s business contacts, I am surprised that he has not tried to blow the lid off of the U.S. government’s formulation and execution of 9/11. His base should take note of that fact: That he is no rebel.
So, this is probably a serious attempt at a fascist coup. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden were in on it, too.

Thanks for your optimistic reply, but you may be forgetting JFK was also " under Secret Service PROTECTION".

Very true. And the final takeover by Defense Contractors in my view was in 1950 when Congress committed treason to their Constitutional authority to declare wars and called the Korean war " a police action".

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Thanks for being on the same page with me on the BEV vs PHEV question: Which EV tech offers most benefits, advantages, applications and potential to reduce CO2 emissions? The counter-intuitive correct answer is PHEV. All battery BEV tech is most practical for small battery and lightweight BEVs like the subcompact Smart Car for short trip urban drives. Their 16kwh pack driving range of 60 miles can be compared to the Chevy Volt 18kwh pack range of 150 miles. Even the highly efficient BEV Smart Car (when needed) doesn’t offer the advantage of extended range.

What made BEV tech a nightmare for me was Amazon buying up mountains of battery resource to burn out too quickly in freight trucks, every 125,000 miles, almost yearly. Smaller PHEV packs last 10 year plus another 5 years as Low-power household backup packs.

Amazon is sinking the lifeboats! BMW/Daimler has BEV truck on the production line ready to do the same. Next they’ll buy PV solar panels installed in rural areas near sci-fi future truck stops complete with robo-truck nonsense. Smaller rooftop arrays are the better match to ‘smaller’ PHEV packs. Neighborhood arrays and mini-grids can “complement” regional utility grids. Trucking interests are “sinking the lifeboats” of EV application, favoring BEV to waste on trucks intentionally until the resource for personal use is depleted soonest. Never order anything from Amazon.

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True, but there are differences between the two situations. The CIA feared Kennedy because he had refused their trap to provide military assistance in the Cuba assault, fired one of their original founders, and threatened to disband them. Biden on the other hand was their pick between him and Trump, because they couldn’t completely control Trump. They know they won’t have that problem with Biden, so any attempt on Biden’s life would come from a rogue source, the SS won’t allow that. I also suspect Barr was ordered by the “company” to stand down in protecting Trump legally, and why Barr resigned. Never forget Barr was born into the agency.

Excellent point! Trump may be a loose canon; but Biden is their controllable stooge.

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