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Trump’s Game Plan


Trump’s Game Plan

Robert Lipsyte

Racism and violence as decoys.

One long-time national sports conscience, Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, declared that Sunday, September 24th, was “the most important sports day since [Muhammad] Ali decided not to fight in Vietnam.”

 Rodge just made his decision to Spit on Pat Tillmans grave..............Now its time for the fans decision......


The American flag is a graven image (even though not made of stone as was the ancient tradition.)

Crossing the heart while standing and singing a nationalist praise song that glorifies the art of war, with the racist verse removed just to be on the safe side. To me, it is worship, not patriotism (and I grew up hardcore Southern Baptist, and know just a little about worshiping.)

But of course, we live in a country where many think that bombing impoverished nations full of brown skinned people of non-Christian religions is patriotism.

So no wonder that such “patriots” want to badmouth black athletes for standing up to racism, and just asking that all people be treated equally by police/politicians/institutions.

I say if you are literally donating your brain to the NFL via the likelihood of permanent brain damage upon pro football players, express yourselves politically any way you please.

What is more important: Football Stadium Decorum or Free Speech?