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Trump’s Get-Tough Policies Will Make the Border Crisis Worse

Trump’s Get-Tough Policies Will Make the Border Crisis Worse

Ruth Conniff

On Wednesday, Trump yielded to public pressure and reversed his family-separation policy on the U.S.-Mexico border, saying he would issue an executive order ending his administration’s brutal and sadistic policy of taking children from their parents. But the trauma will not end overnight, as thousands of immigrant children and their parents are still in different states.

Trump loves to have groups of people that he can sell to his base as being lesser than them. As long as the loyal have dogs to kick, they are happy, which is a bit ironic given the dog whistle character of Trump’s campaigning–and that is what he continues to do, campaign, not govern. Only a moral force will take the bastard down, but with a theocrat on deck what is the best pitch to throw?

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A 99mph fastball, and a nation of collectives separatist movements. Cascadia separatists Pacific Northwest bargain with the Texas separatists. United Separatist Collectives.

This seems like an insightful understanding of the problem. Of course in Trump’s sphere insight into the cause of problems is irrelevant. It is all about hating and blaming.

Time for a zero tolerance policy against Trump and his never ending b.s. there needs to be consequences for a

So called President that can’t distinguish the difference between the truth and utter bull shit