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Trump’s Gift for the Unemployed: Kicking Them Off Health Care

Trump’s Gift for the Unemployed: Kicking Them Off Health Care

LeeAnn Hall
Imagine telling a laid off employee they won't have Medicaid to fall back on.
"Most working-age adults who use Medicaid already work, and many of them have jobs thanks to Medicaid — not despite it." (Photo: David McSpadden / Flickr)

Why we need not only Improved Medicare For ALL but a new system of true equality that eradicates capitalism.

So, by all means vote out the GOP but get ready to also remove all corporate Democrats and then bit by bit start moving the nation to the left by organizing with local socialists. We will always have the options of General Strikes and total non cooperation.


Well, at least opioids are cheap and plentiful…

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Yes . . . the “land of the free”, “home of the brave”, “one nation under god” aims to kick to the side of the road all those that are not in the 1%: the elderly, disabled, the unemployed, children . . … and reward the pathological, life killing behaviors of the rich that are embedded in corporate america.

The juxtaposition of these 2 articles today (this and https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/01/18/apples-38-billion-tax-payment-less-half-79-billion-they-owe) exemplify what is described in this piece:

Oh how I hate Matt Bevin, our esteemed Governor of Kentucky. His term can’t end fast enough for me.

Jesus also said, “Whatsoever ye do to the least of these, ye do unto me.” To be worthy of the description, “Christian,” a person needs to try to feel what merciful Jesus would feel in seeing such a circumstance. From there it becomes a matter for the mortal Christian’s conscience. Oh sure, as a member of a government it can be sloughed off to, “the other members”. Hitler’s gang tried that too.