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Trump’s "Go Back" Racist Epithet; Oh, So Familiar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/16/trumps-go-back-racist-epithet-oh-so-familiar


These Congresswomen should make it abundantly clear that they, along with the rest of us who support them, will be staying and that it will be the despicable, shameless racist-in-chief who will be leaving.

This jackass is becoming more and more unhinged with each passing day. The rantings of this madman give proof to the arguments against him. Between the pressure of mounting evidence of the Deutsche Bank investigation into money laundering for the Russian mob and Epstein’s dirt on the bedding of teenage girls, I’m looking for his head to explode any minute now.



An Orwellian phrase if I ever heard one.

Too damn bad that phrase is not changed to: IF YOU HATE AMERICA, GET THE HELL OUT NOW!

Yep, I’m thinking Trump is a little nervous about his ties to fellow pussy grabbing playboy, Jeff E.

Meanwhile, I don’t understand why those “hush money” payments to Stormy Daniels haven’t landed Trump in court: Clearly, they were campaign finance violations.


Trump should have been impeached and convicted long ago for his blatant violations of the Emoluments Clause, which are much easier to prove than any Russiagate conspiracy.


Perhaps you saw that one case based on violations of the Emoluments Clause was thrown out of court:


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Among the regulars here at CD, including me, who hasn’t been told “If you don’t like it here, go live somewhere else”. I have been told that many times when getting into a political discussion with someone who turns out to be a rabid right winger.


Yes, a very old and long standing mantra [go back to your countries] by the white supremacist faction. Quite a few people have heard this throughout their local communities over the years. It is a staple tenet of the assimilated immigrant class in the U.S.The irony is that they would need to adhere to the same principle unless they were completely contradicting themselves ignorantly; it is purely ignorant.

Trump probably doesn’t have more than two or three generations in this country, so it is clearly a manipulation of the least educated who are constantly pumped with the false fear of takeover or a sort of Armageddon.

The term ‘white’ in itself is so broad that again, the irony does not care for the fact that different country origins and cultures have been living with each other for centuries now, and some of those have plenty of diverse genes, which means that this concept is sadly as real as only a similar skin tone. People should know their particular ancestry and then they would most definitely not say this or use terms such as black and white.

Most in America will tan up eventually, something similar to the various Native Americans. It is really just shameful hysteria and propaganda, and certainly a well known racist comment that Trump used. He would have to either be a naive F.O.B. [terrible derogatory mantra as well] to say such a phrase, or intentionally using it to rally/manipulate the afraid-hate base into supporting him. It’s pretty clear he knew what he was saying. His Irish background with surrounded Jewish family and allies could hardly make sense of the term white according to what is considered historically ‘white’ and the far flung differences in cultures who would consider themselves part of such a category. People of color should see this is a scheme and a fire stoked by certain groups of diverse origin and color, solely to administer it to the American population who is susceptible to it. It’s simply motivation tactics to get voters, obviously with terrible consequences and hurt for many.

It is worth remembering that the so-called “centrist” Democratic party partially funded Trump’s nomination campaign.

It is worth noticing that at least Nancy Pelosi has been attacking and making a public attempt to gag these same representatives.

It is worth noticing that the DNC and so-called “major” media show all signs of again colluding to exclude and repress candidates that might support opposing policies.

It seems fair to ask how the Democrats expect to win elections while rigging their nomination process to insert candidates with the least popular views. But as long as they insist on doing that, I suppose that it is really not everyone else’s problem.


While I live in one of the 431 districts not represented by one of “The Squad”, I still believe it is time to start helping them with their 2020 campaigns. They are national treasures and this middle aged white male is in no way threatened by them. Let’s find more people with fire in their bellies to represent the People. Peace through Progress!


blew me away so badly i couldn’t concentrate and read it when the news came out.

great, great, great movie… should still be shown to all h.s. students.

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Where did all of those Obama haters move to?
Oh, that’s right, they didn’t.

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Do we begin to comprehend how rooted racism is embedded in our culture . The Republican party has been using race to win elections since the civil rights movement in the 60’s----So Trump is transparent about what the republican party is really about----The republicans have been doing everything to prevent people from voting-----they can’t compete with ideas-----just look at healthcare--------The republican party is racist and uses un-democratic means to stay in power(and the big one was 2000 when they stole the presidency-----I do believe 9/11 would not have happened if Gore had been elected)-------So can we stop the BS that dem need to work with republicans-----No democrats you need to obliterate this rampant HATE that exits in this country. And really for all the racists in this country YOU are the ones who should return to the land from which you came--------------SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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The angry juror from Twelve Angry Men is an apt comparison.

All I can think of is Archie Bunker as president. While I wasn’t a fan of that TV show, I know enough from segments I’ve watched that this would be something Archie might say.

Trump thinks he’s still a reality TV celebrity, and he’s suited for that environment.

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Trump, the Ugly American, rides again.

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A laughable trope - ‘go back to where you came from’ - once relegated to KKK cretins on the Jerry Springer Show (for ratings), is now broadcast from the White House. Music to Trump’s basest base, comprised mostly of older white christians. This, once again, exposes the hypocrisy of the demographic which lifts most republicans to power. White male jesus lovers trump any semblance of the historical person who advocated for the least among us, much less those working full time, trying to do the right thing but losing ground with each passing year since Reagan.

I have nothing but disgust for corporate dems but at least they never stoop to the depravity of Trump and his enablers. Unfortunately, Trump’s white nationalism and lunacy help mask and aid the supposed opposition of the current dem party led by Pelosi and Schumer. Trump has been a windfall to corporate democrats. But strip away all the histrionics and identity politics and you’ll find this common denominator among the DC power brokers, including the media: Don’t bother those on top and you’ll do just fine. ‘Follow the money’ is still the lodestone of truth in politics.


The actor was Ed Begley Sr., not Ed Bagley.

I have to confess that for a number of years now when I have the misfortune to be speaking to a right winger when they start whining about programs to help our societies most vulnerable I beat them to the punch and tell them there are planes leaving every day if they don’t like our form of society.