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Trump’s Greedy 2019 Budget Goes Nuclear on Medicare and Medicaid

Trump’s Greedy 2019 Budget Goes Nuclear on Medicare and Medicaid

Wendell Potter

Today, the Trump Administration unveiled their 4.75 Trillion dollar budget proposal, and it’s chock full of that signature brand of waste, fraud, and abuse Trump pledged to eliminate on the campaign trail.

It’s easy to get distracted by the President’s more outlandish scandals and statements, but his budget proposal is actually far more insidious.

This budget would be the U.S government’s largest ever, which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t also such a morally bankrupt document.

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MAGA! MAGA! MAGA! Yeah, let’s all just jump over the cliff and die! MAGA! MAGA! Feed the rich, starve the poor, till there’s no one but the rich no more! MAGA!

How can such a total douchebag still remain in power? And Pelosi said impeachment is still not on the table. Oh? Maybe someone should give Donald a blow job so we could change that. I mean, I’m no fan of Bill Clinton, but for crying out loud, he was an angel compared to this guy.

Disgraceful. Not just Trump, the entire system that allows him to remain in power. What is impeachment for if not him?


It is horrific and would kill lots of people (pro life my ass), but I think of it like Marx thought of free trade. Marx, when he was asked to give remarks on free trade supported it, because he thought that it would be so horrible that it would speed up the social revolution. This bill is a monstrosity, but it would also make the need for single payer clear as can be. It would speed up the calls for structural changes. Even if it doesn’t pass, the left (the actual left) can point to this as the right’s plan. So, you have the deeply flawed ACA, the even more inferior right wing nutty ideas, and single payer. Who wins that battle, if all the facts are put on the table in an honest way?


Wendel Potter would be a good guy to have on board promoting single payer healthcare. Bernie could pay him $27.00. Ya, guess that wouldn’t work.

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And the fundies wait to get raptured to Mars.

Gio, you are INVALUABLE! Thanks for running these! Not my forte, so the info is helpful.
I wonder if a Bernie-Warren ticket would be feasible and would help wethepeople…big finance, wars, global climate crises…and then the “littler” stuff…

For some reason when I clicked on the blue links it only took me to places where I could sign up for medicare or medicaid or clicking on document a conversion box.

I’ve been saying yes to that Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren ticket. Announce together now?

Potter is someone who KNOWS and should be listened to. And this article should be shared

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Bernie DESTROYS Trump Voters at Town Hall, They Don’t Even Realize It

THAT is the problem. They are CULT members and too stupid to get past that.
Here is John Cleese on the core of this problem