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Trump’s Hundred Days of Rage and Rapacity


Trump’s Hundred Days of Rage and Rapacity

Ralph Nader

The Lawless-loving corporatists have worked overtime to besmirch the word “regulation” (or law and order for corporations) and edify the word “deregulation,” to help bring about their dream state of dismantled or weakened regulation.


Thanx, Ralph. This new regime is going to go down as the one that dismantled all of what's left of this once great nation. The destruction has been happening for a while now. The modest regulations have helped make things and work safer which instead of being strengthened are being torn asunder and we'll be left with unbreathable air, healthy drinking water, corporations with no accountability, financial institutions as birds of prey, on and on. We'll be left with nothing but ever increasing suffocating debt and lifelong servitude to government and corporate creditors and no way to escape. The dance will be over and all that will be left is the trash and poison of capitalistic exploitation,


Ralph, I'd vote for you AGAIN


Ralph, I still can't get how a person (hijacker) with no knowledge what so ever of a transcontinental commercial jet (Boeing 757 perhaps), can pilot said jet from Logan Airport, Boston into the World Trade Towers, in New York City. Someone explain that? Something fishy about that whole September 11, 2001 story.


If you ever get down to Texas, stop in to the Bush ranch, and ask W. that question.

If he's not painting one of his masterpieces, perhaps he'll entertain you with a story.


Dontch need a special invitation for that? Seems I recall the Taliban were visiting that ranch only the week or so before 911. Hmmm.


Ah-h-h-h! Another Enlightened One!

I see from a previous post you supported Jill.

Thank you Joy for your being open to something other than corrupt, money hungry puppets of the Ethically Challenged Class.

And, it's so refreshing to find someone else here with a 'sense of humor.'


Freud reduced things to sex. Conservative's rage and rapacity might be driven by their fixation on money and macho domination to make up for their sexual inadequacies, likely products of their lack of consideration for others, egocentrism and pathologic greed.


All the hijackers had flight training in the equipment they used. In particular, anyone with any geography knowledge at all could have simply visually navigated their way from Boston to Manhattan - it was a very clear day.


Emery-Riddle Flight School on Cessnas, and Piper Aircraft are miles away from a Boeing 757 Transcontinental Jet Airplane, in case you did not know. Besides, the highjackers in Arizona, or Florida never completed their Piper, Cessna training. And simply navigating from Boston to New York City with just knowledge of geography, and clear skies visually is hogwash when you just got here from Saudi Arabia. The reason it does make sense that for someone from Saudi Arabia to pilot a Boeing 757 Jet with no knowledge of the area or Jet is because it never happened, and no hocus pocus, or abracadabra can make it so.


Eloquently put. It almost makes one considers suicide to just end the suffering. But here's a better option: Educate, organize and gather and prevent this dystopian future from happening, just like Nader suggests.


Hello Yunzer no offence, but my last sentence should read, "The reason it does not make any sense what so ever for the hijackers such as Atta to fly Transcontinental Commercial Jet Airplanes (Boeing 757 Jets perhaps) is because it never happened, ever, ever." Also Ralph, It never happened also, people with vast Boeing Transcontinental Commercial Jet Aircraft knowledge piloted those planes, not the men the Bush Machine said. Just like every thing else that happened on September 11, 2001, lies, lies, lies...