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Trump’s Immigration ‘Pivot’ and the Effort to Expose It For What It Is


Trump’s Immigration ‘Pivot’ and the Effort to Expose It For What It Is

Isaiah Poole

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, ever the showman, is certainly poised this Wednesday to deliver a heavy dose of eye-grabbing and eye-rolling reality-show drama.

Ahead of what is being billed as a major speech on immigration in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump is paying a visit in Mexico to President Enrique Peña Nieto, the man who Trump has insisted will pay for the wall that he promises to build between the United States and Mexico to keep immigrants from coming across the border.


If Trump was really interested in expanding his base he would let a few facts get in the way of his stories...like more Mexicans have been exiting the US than arriving ever since the establishment (that he alleges he is against) crashed the economy in 2008 and reduced the number of US jobs for Mexicans to come here for.

The voters who will swallow the "building the wall" story are already committed to Trump, its a worn out story that has limited appeal. Unless he expands his anti-establishment message beyond that group, he has no chance of winning in November and continues to appear as though he was planted to assure Clinton wins..


The Clinton campaign is set to make sure that people do not forget that Trump says he will deport all 11 million illegal immigrants and form a deportation force. Suddenly Trump is spouting words like humane. The guy is in bad situation. He is getting beaten badly by Hillary Clinton based on polling data and he knows it. So he is trying to change his image from a tough talking guy who says do it my way or else to a much softer person who expresses empathy and promises humane treatment. It is rather pathetic he would stoop to this new image which is totally phony for him but more than anything else he hates to lose. He has to see himself as a winner and convince everyone else that he is a winner. Somehow he managed to get himself into a situation where is running against arguably the most qualified person ever to be nominated for president and a person who is clearly very smart while he himself is unqualified for the job and although he claims to be smart he seems unable to develop any policies of substance and is only learning now that he doesn't understand all the problems involved with illegal immigration.


Heavy indictment of a certain American Royal Family:


These are just more examples of how bad things are in this country. We are lied to and shafted as a given. I fear that this non-democracy is not conducive to voting and voting is not getting us any closer to a better more just and fair union. We should be afraid of both Trump and Clinton, but when we see so many jumping behind these two posers we get a better picture of just how mentally bankrupt our society is.


Trump was not a plant by Clinton. He was elected in a very democratic manner. He has successfully awakened white supremacy to an extent that the US has not seen for years. In fact, it just seemed to be one of those unpleasant chapters of our past with only small groups on the margins of society. But if is important to admit that white supremacy or white nationalism is now a major force in American politics. The media does not know how to handle this because no matter what hateful things Trump yells out at his rallies or tweets the media tends to analyze it in terms of winning or losing votes. How will it affect his base? Will it lose voters in the suburbs? All this analysis takes the emotion out of the threat of fascism that Trump represents. The media worries less about what he is saying and more about how it is being received by white college-educated women. With the media so focused on the horse race even a candidate who is more aligned with the views of a Russian dictator then the US Constitution can be treated as just one more candidate for president.