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Trump’s Iran Aggression Deserves Full-Throated Opposition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/03/trumps-iran-aggression-deserves-full-throated-opposition

Donald and Bibi are both in political and legal jeopardy. I am afraid we must see this for what it is–two men backed into their corners–desperate, yet armed to the teeth. This is not going to end well. This is going to steamroll right over the Peace Train.


We must also look to US geopolitical strategy if we seek the reason why Iran is seen as a threat. The country, for one thing, is strategically placed, straddling the Middle East and Central Asia and must be at least neutralised if the US is to control the region’s oil supplies (it’s not so much that the US wants all the oil, rather the US wishes to be in control of its distribution, to whom, and on its own terms). Should China grow in economic strength, sell off its dollar holdings, US world domination will be threatened. Therefore, to protect future US global resource flows, Iran has to be warned by US gangster politics – don’t mess with our interests; don’t run another racket on our turf without our permission; don’t deal with another mob.

A message from the World Socialist Movement

“Yet too many Democrats are merely objecting to Trump’s failure to consult them.”

Yeah, years of brainwashing the citizens into thinking somehow we are special and above the rest of the world is about to bite this country square on the arse. The US hasn’t fought a power like Iran since the Germans in WWII, and the Soviet Union took the brunt of that fight, regardless of what the press says. Look around folks, we’ll be doing this one on our own. Idiots in DC, one and all.

A further goal goes all the way back to the writings of Halford Mackinder which later picked up on by Zbigniew Brzenski in “The grand Chessboard” and that the point that controlling places like Iran and Afghanistan necessary by any “world power” so as to exert influence into Central Asia and ensure no rival controls the Eurasian Landmass.

Controlling the Oil of the Middle East is certainly one facet of that but it to be noted Trump is also sanctioning Companies involved in the construction of Nordstream II from Russia to Europe and suggesting that West Europe rely on US supplied Gas instead.

Ultimately the reason to control the Oil and gas sources is to try to weaken Russia.

Iran is also an important cog in Chinas “Great Silk Road” project . The US tries to ensure no other block controls World trade as that project would allow Russia and China to.

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I recall many years ago reading an analysis of why the Americans intervened in Afghanistan when the Russians invaded.

The CIA had detected a dramatic drop in Russian oil production and concluded it was running out and when they invaded Afghanistan Brzenski believed it was the first step on the path to take control of Mid-east oil and authorised the supply and arming of the Afghan Muhjadeen - the rest is history.

The CIA did not understand that the fall in Russian oil output was simply down to re-tooling and re-equipping their out-dated technology and nothing to do with Russia’s “peak oil”.

Democrats and Republicans just got done approving the military budget again–over Sanders’ notable opposition.

The Democratic Party, as an institution, does not stand against war, against war in the Middle East, against recent wars, or against this war.

A few individuals among elected officials have clearly opposed this war and this assassination. The rest deserve full-throated opposition.

We had ‘full-throated opposition’ from around the world in 2002 when George W Bush was ‘trying to decide’ whether to make war against Iraq. He lied and lied and lied and then went ahead with his obscene ‘shock and awe’ campaign. What makes us think that we will have any influence this time around? Our government pays no more attention to what the people think or want than they would to a smudge on a shoe. We need to elect some revolutionaries next time we get a chance. I’m talking Bernie here. How bad could he be compared to the string of Do Nothing That The People Want presidents we have had for so many years?

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there is almost no US peace movement and even if there were a more robust one they could do little. Not much sign of a peace movement anywhere else either. I’m also disappointed with the cowardly reaction of world leaders not objecting to the US murder of government officials that undermines rule of law and could normalize such assissinations more widely

Anything less than full-throated opposition is tacit support.

Silence is complicity!