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Trump’s Is Not the First US Administration to Ignore Facts, and Slash Aid for Women’s Healthcare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/02/trumps-not-first-us-administration-ignore-facts-and-slash-aid-womens-healthcare

Excellent piece. We need more of this kind of this kind of research on the right wing infrastructure driving the attack on reproductive rights, and more from Gillian Kane.


I see the religious, bigoted, anti-choice agendas run deep indeed. China had the right idea with the one child policy though I would have administered it differently. Seems certain groups just want to increase human suffering by bringing unwanted children into an overpopulated world. They never stop to think of how to support such masses as long as their limited consciousness’s are clear from worry about their limited grasp of ethics or actual morality. Peace


Jeepers, I really don’t want to bring sex into this, but how the fuck did one,tarnished, EX PhD student, who got tossed out of a major University, get so influential in Government policy making? Doesn’t anyone check the records/resumes of clowns like this? He works for an anti-Semitic priest with his own agenda. Have the ranks of career people in the various Government agencies become so infested with religious zealots that programs can be brought to a standstill? With so much wailing and gnashing going on about the Second Amendment, has the first Amendment been completely ignored? Government and religion are, essentially, mutually exclusive, in the United States. Or should be…

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The sign in the photo pisses me off to no end.
The bottom should read:
“All Human Life Matters Until It’s Born…After birth, we don’t give a shit about it”

In the U.S. we are not people, we are consumers, and business suit types like trumpenstein, (sound of horses fearful whinny), care more about money. Wonder where the support funds will disappear to.

Just thought how great it would be when Trump is finally convicted he is chained on the White House lawn and the squad lines up to kick him in the balls. I can’t quit laughing.