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Trump’s Judaism Order Has Nothing to Do With Fighting Anti-Semitism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/18/trumps-judaism-order-has-nothing-do-fighting-anti-semitism


Rhetorical theory from at least since Aristotle wrote The Rhetoric during the 4th century BC has recognized PROJECTION as an effective rhetorical device wherein you blame your opposition for the actions that the projector is taking even though the opposition is not engaging in. You beat your opposition to the punch and keep repeating the lie.

Goebbels refined and advanced the application of projection and the GOP has further refined his work to the extent that the GOP, faux noise, and Trump frequently apply it.

During the Dubya Regime Glen Greenwald noted that the GOP and faux noise’s serial rhetorical projection was proving to be a clear indicator of where the GOP’s strategy and actions were heading.


Yes, and it’s also the default position of narcissistic sociopaths like Twump. If it’s not in the DSM, it should be.

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What’s the DSM?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders

Thanks for a clear and valuable article on this astoundingly important topic. Having been accused myself for being “anti-Semitic” this piece rings tragically true. I often go back to the motto of the college I went to, Adelphi University on Long Island, which was, “TheTruth Shall Set Us Free.” It seems like such a simple concept, both now and in the sixties when I graduated.

Yes, trump is a diseased pig is wolves clothing.