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Trump’s Lies About Immigrants Should End With His Presidency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/16/trumps-lies-about-immigrants-should-end-his-presidency

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Drumpf’s lies will die as his voice is extinguished.

Unfortunately, many of us will continue to die long after he’s gone from the curse of his being born.

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If this problem originated with Trump or had any chance of dying with Trump I would agree with Richardson.

Saint Ron created these false narratives when he ascended the throne 40 years ago and the GOP has carried this ball ever since.

Trump, being the shell of a mortal that he is, volunteered to lead the birther movement so he would have a platform on which to test the political waters. With his resounding success with that movement Trump went full throttle on racism, jingoism, and immigrant bashing.

Without “lies about immigrants” the GOP has no future. They will therefore continue to carry this ball, Trump or no Trump. Look at how well GOP House and Senate candidates did on November 3 despite Democratic Party challengers pouring tens of millions into the races. Their victories were the result of standing with Trump’s fascist platform, especially the anti-immigrant parts.


In this article we touch on another myth: that the ROTpublicans are far “better” at stepping in at the front of the line, but the Dems are slow on the uptake.

YES, the ROTpublicans ARE “better” at throwing shit, AND the Dems are better at cleaning things up, but it all happens in the same social environment as does a nine-year-old’s hissy fit at the fairground, over not getting the pink-hair spun sugar he craves. Does he CARE what his parents can pay for? No. Does he CARE if it’ll actually get him sick? No. Does he CARE if he’s getting six “turns,” while his brothers and sisters look on in envy? No he doesn’t. He cares about the sugar.

While IF the Dems simply cared about discipline, they could keep him down pretty simply. But they routinely care about LOTS beside their son’s sugar count. They care about his FUTURE consumption of sugar as well, AND about the effects that spoiling one son will bring about in his siblings, and on that “happy home” we all say we care about. AND about the sad, sad, SAD life of one such as Donald Trump, who now CANNOT do anyone else ANYTHING LIKE a good turn, if a lot of MONEY isn’t involved…

IOW, IMHO, the Dems as a Party have not YET utterly divorced themselves from humanity, AS HAVE THE ROTPUBLICANS.

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It makes me wonder how a conquering nation would be accepted by this contingent if the U.S. was defeated, occupied and colonized. Would they just say: “We lost, get over it,” or “They took our country away from us so now it belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with us”?

Never mind. I think I know the answer.