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Trump’s Long, Weird, Divisive State of the Union


Trump’s Long, Weird, Divisive State of the Union

Ruth Conniff

You knew Donald Trump wasn’t going to pull off the message of “unity” he claimed would be the theme of his State of the Union address.

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Trump’s February 5 campaign rally disguised as a SOTUS served two purposes: 1) reinvigorate those in his base who drifted as a result of the recent Trumpdown, 2) psych up the GOP for Trump’s upcoming February 15 shutdown or upcoming national emergency, and 3) posture Trump to get his base to blame Democrats for the upcoming shutdown or upcoming national emergency.

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Stacy’s SOTU response was almost devoid of any policy positions that would change our lives on a day to day level.



Why do non-lackeys watch what the Pervert had to say? Why does the press even pay attention? The Pervert’s ego draws his sustenance from the attention the public pays him. Please switch stations when you hear the Pervert’s voice and don’t advertise him.

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WHAT? No one nominated a horse for the Senate?

BTW, the corporate Democrats used the USA chants against Bernie Sanders supporters at the 2016 convention.

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