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Trump’s ‘Look Over There!’ Tactics Are Pathetic. Does He Think We’re Fools?


Trump’s ‘Look Over There!’ Tactics Are Pathetic. Does He Think We’re Fools?

Leonard Pitts Jr.

When the behavior of 71-year-old man, who also happens to be president, can be indistinguishable in temperament from a 7-year-old boy


He knows at least that the millions that voted for him are.


Yes! By definition, a Trump voter is a fool. Now we all have to live with the consequences.


“But the evidence of Team Trump’s plotting with Russia grows more alarming with each headline.”

There certainly were a lot of exchanges with Russians supposedly representing the Russian government and a lot of people not remembering conversations that took place and not turning documents related to Russian contacts over to Congress. And there also appears to be plotting with Wikileaks which may be a foreign extension of the Kremlin. Once people in the Trump campaign got word that the Russians has some kind of dirt on Clinton a lot of activity took place. Coincidence? Seems unlikely.


I don’t think Trump voters are all fools. Many were voting for their values such as white supremacy. Trump has given them what they voted for.


The ultimate consequences of their delusions will make fools of them all.


They’ll shrug it off, and head off to the mall. As they always do.


Well…Yes. We collectively allowed Trump to happen.


“Does he think we’re fools?” Of course! And he’s right, at least with regard to the 63 million fools who voted for him.


Or to the shooting range, and pretend they are aiming at liberals/progressives/activists/minorities/immigrants.


Many of the 63 million were fooled by fake news from Macedonia which was probably organized by the Russians, ads for Trump in fake Russian Facebook accounts, and and numerous tweets in fake Russian twitter accounts. And they were fooled by Fox News. Many were probably also fooled by Breibart News. But I think many of these people don’t care if they were fooled because their team won, the white team.


We collectively allowed Trump to happen.

Maybe you did. No need to take on guilt for a crime that only 1/3 of America committed. It is not a useful statement in our discourse.

If you’d said that we must collectively repair the damage, I’d agree.


Here’s another of Trump’s lies, and the truth should make us all laugh:


Can’t even bring myself to read past this ridiculous headline. Does Trump think us fools? Of course, and the record shows that we (collectively) are indeed fools as we look this way and that as the GOP establishment erodes and eliminates any benefits working class Americans have enjoyed. The Dems. and MSM also cry, “Look over there!, no, that way, at Russia, Russia, Russia” So the Dems. and the likes of Joy Reid, Rachel Madow, etc. also believe us to be fools. Unfortunately, we are exactly that! Pity the fools, for we are the fools.


Trump’s election was not just a matter of votes in 2016; the fact that he was taken at all seriously and not quashed decades ago is a collective responsibility. And I would argue, everyone who accepted the candidacy of the Duopoly candidate Clinton and did not work to try to force Sanders to be an independent candidate is responsible.

Trump is the personal embodiment of patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism – the three founding pillars of the U.S. political economy. So, yes, we are responsible for his creation and (s)election by the oligarchs and plutocrats who own and control what is called the United States.