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Trump’s Mean Boy Nation

Trump’s Mean Boy Nation

Michael Winship
Our “I alone can fix it” president has gotten us in another fix, all right.

Of course, whenever he screws up big time, Mister I Alone starts blaming everyone but Mister I Alone.


Mean boy nation indeed. We are becoming a 3rd world nation of a handful of ultra rich masters and a vast, teeming mass of poor, kept in line by a divisive team-mentality duopoly that brain-washes people into blaming all of their woes on “the other team,” instead of the system itself. And although it is true that the Right is the meaner, nastier, and more disgusting of the two Parties, don’t kid yourself into thinking that they are not both contributing to the descent into authoritarianism and nastiness.

I honestly am glad I will be dead in the next 10-20 years. I can’t imagine what kind of a vile, disgusting cesspool this country will be in, say, 30 or 40 years. I would feel sorry for future generations, except this will all be completely normalized by then and they won’t know what kindness, compassion, decency, civil discourse, classiness, diplomacy, etc, even are, so they won’t miss any of it. The “New Cruelty” as it is being called, will be all they have ever known. And as the last handful of schools stop teaching critical thinking skills, public education is finally gutted completely in favor of for-profit charter drone-production facilities, and right-wing hate media continues to convert the brain-dead masses into right-wing dictator-lovers, the final descent into fascism will be complete.

With hope, perhaps by then the rest of the world will have gotten its shit together, stopped kow-towing to the U.S., and finally stopped using the US dollar as petro-dollars and world reserve currency, leaving it bankrupt and adrift and powerless.


Every once in awhile Trump blurts out something that suggests what we are really dealing with is something very close to the neo-Nazis. The neo-Nazis often refer to non-whites and Jews (whom the neo-Nazis view as a separate race with of course no evidence to make such claim) as “vermin.” To them, white European purity is infested with vermin. When Trump refers to non-documented immigrants as “aminals” or an “infestation” he seems to be reflecting the neo-Nazi mindset. Some of the neo-Nazis believe in a bogus biological theory which has blacks as sub-humans. I think Trump and his supporters don’t regard themselves as being mean as much as they see themselves striving for purity and a higher order of society with fewer “vermin” infesting it. The neo-Nazis blame the Jews for being behind the liberalization that has resulted in ruining the pure white European culture (a myth since there is no such white European culture, only French culture, German culture, etc). Others may just blame all liberals. It comes down to a clash is views. Is the goal a pure white European culture (for those who buy into the myth) or a democratic society characterized by racial, religious, and ethnic diversity?

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I’m curious about that myself. Although a ton of the Trump worshippers - and right-wingers in general - are racist, white nationalist fuck-sticks, not all of them are. (I have some cousins, for instance, who think Trump stands at the right hand of God, but yet they don’t hate black people). Many of them are simple-minded authoritarians, loving any strong-man-demagogue type who will “stick it to the lefties,” or “screw the establishment” or basically anyone and everyone that said strong-man-demagogue tells them needs to have it stuck to. Authoritarians, by definition, are wandering little mindless sheep that don’t like to make decisions, and prefer to have a strong, authority Daddy figure to tell them what to do, how to think, who to hate, etc, and reinforce all of their own prejudices and ideals or, where lacking any at all, provide them for them.

This was well-exemplified recently at the Trump Nazi Rally in Wisconsin, where he bragged about how he is the ultimate Elite, the most Elite of all Elites there is, and slamming people who put down Elites, like they are somehow a bad thing to be. The Trump-worshippers screamed and cheered their froth-mouthed approval at this - completely forgetting that only 2 years ago, Trump was campaigning on being the “anti-Elite,” and in speech after speech after speech, bashing all elites for being responsible for the loss of their jobs and equality and opportunities, SPECIFICALLY using the word “Elite” as a pejorative, as scum of the worst possible kind.

Just one example of many, of how confusing the Trumpite world-view is. What do they want? How do all of the disparate groups and ideologies of the Trump-Worshippers coalesce to form a coherent list of what they actually want to see in their ideal MAGA nation? I suspect you could never get such a list from them, since so many of them don’t have coherent ideologies in the first place, beyond “all brown-skins bad, all lefties bad, anything Trump says good.” Which is why Trump can say one thing one day, and the complete opposite the next day, and none of his worshippers so much as bat an eye - either they are too stupid to notice he did a 180, or they are too apathetic and brain-washed to care even if they DID notice. Just as long as it is coming out of their Orange Savior’s mouth, then it is just fine with them.


The only way to achieve that ‘lofty ideal’ is to remove themselves as they are the true ‘vermin’!


Flashback to the Dump rallies before becoming the chief fascist pig in the whore house. His crowds of simpletons went bonkers with every cruel word he vomited out, all on tv. The msm supposedly didn’t like him but there he was all over getting air time like a freak show on steroids. Those voters will never admit how stupid they were and still are. Like pigs to slaughter.

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Another facet of Trump-speak that is on the rise is what used to be known as swear-words. In the 1950’s Mothers around the nation world threaten to “wash your mouth out with soap” for one slip of the tongue. More and more Trump salts his verbal salad with “hell” “Shit”, etc. Where are the Righteous Mothers of today? Well, at least half of them idolize Trump, and the others remain silent. Even TV newscasts of his Duluth rally this week used the words with no (bleep) Sad.

What they care about is pissing off the libs. Trump does it. That’s all that matters.

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My go-to swear word in HS was ‘crud’ … one afternoon my Dad had a ‘discussion’ with me about that word.
“Have you noticed how ugly and classless the word crud is – you’re neither one, so why use an ugly, classless word?”
“But if I say crud Mom doesn’t nag me”
“Well, that does have its benefits … but listen to the syntactical difference between a quick, clean ‘DAMN!’ instead of ‘cru-u-u-u-u-u-d’.”
“Or notice how ‘hell’ rolls off the tongue in perfect symmetry … one could almost say going there would be preferable to residing in cr-r-r-r-r-rud for even a few moments!”
“All ri-i-i-i-i-i-ght Dad [spoken in more of a snarl than a voice] I’ll try it, but if Mom takes umbrage, I will return to using ‘that’ word!”
“One last thought … use of a good ‘damn’ or ‘hell’ proves the speaker’s intellect and wit more than that other word …”

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There are people out there with money who actually have started funds, contribute to education, food, housing etc. This is a whole different crowd. Shame on these oafs for taking tax breaks much less crashing the economy.

Maybe it is time to burn down the White House again and start over.

Yep. It’s a good thing that the democrats and Obama did all that they could to help main stream Americans, isn’t it? Oh well, it’s nice that you have woken up to see all the bad things that are happening to us. But why didn’t you see when Obama was doing the same things?

The last time they did that, a provisional government was set up in Virginia. I doubt it would have the same affect.

It is not just Trump. The 6,000 unaccompanied minors that went missing, where are they??? Some are in South Carolina harvesting tobacco. Where they have work contractors that organize labor that includes children as young as seven. Pay in cash and there is no record, few work protections. and no direct link to for any responsibility.


Sounds like you’re dad gave good discussions,

Thank God for global warming. The great equalizer.

Maybe because he wasn’t such a divisive creep and was actually a person someone could respect?

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Thank you, yes he did. I think by the time my brother and I were teenagers he realized he was going to have to come up with new and inventive ways of getting his ideas across … and it worked b/c 50 years later I still remember it!

*He also helped my husband a great deal when he first came home from Vietnam – Mike would go up there almost every day and they would discuss hitting the beach at Normandy, and cleaning out the brush after the planes flew over.

White Americans, or should I say White people from the United States are the problem. They are the most violent, racist people of all time, just look at the foreign policy of this country. Just as long as people who are not White or Christian are harmed, it is OK, they are not full human. White Americans are the master race, Goebbels pales in comparison to them.

I recall a lot of photos of his rabid acolytes from his rallies wearing red tee-shirts that said “VOTE TRUMP - fuck your feelings.”

Sums up the Trumptards’ entire worldview fairly nicely. They don’t have a so-called ideology on pretty much anything, beyond simply giving a big middle finger to the establishment, the left, the world, minorities, and basically anyone and everyone their Dear Leader tells them to. As long as it pisses off the “libtards,” then it is successful to them, even if it is something that actually hurts them too. For example, Trump and the Rethugs are actively breaking his campaign promise to leave the safety net alone, and are now actively working to cut SS, Medicare, etc. When they succeed, Trump’s worshippers (and almost everyone on the right, period) will cheer and call it a yuuuge success. Even though millions of them rely on SS/Medicare, they will suck it up and blame the Democrats or the immigrants or whoever Trump tells them to blame, and cheer wholeheartedly at the dismay they hear from the left. Score!