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Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Are About White Nationalism, Not Trade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/07/trumps-mexico-tariffs-are-about-white-nationalism-not-trade


Not news…Trump’s 2016 campaign was founded on his leadership of the birther movement…a 100% racist movement.


So if the Sandinistas are such assh***s why are there almost ZERO migrants from Nicaragua?


Those are two sides of the same coin.


I think he’ll use them to declare Mexico is paying for the wall.

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To avoid US attacks and sanctions, like everyone else.


Economic sanctions. It’s important to understand the history and what exactly economic sanctions really are.

seems to me despite their proud tradition of revolution and defiance, the Mexican government, despite being nominally leftist, caved to Trump, understandable considering Mexico’s need to access the US market. But they had some leverage, the tariiffs would have hurt US consumers, and Mexico could have stopped doing anything to help the US enforce its immigration laws. It seems to me essential that the world unite as much as possible against US bullying and its sanctions/tarrifs against Iran, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Russia…

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The country does not sanction or attack itself.

Pretty simple, really.

People, Stop feeding the trolls

According to this article from PRI, which is from September 2018, Nicaraguan immigrants are on the rise:

Well, Nicaragua takes a tuff stance on migrants: