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Trump’s Middle East Apology Tour


Trump’s Middle East Apology Tour

John Feffer

Conservatives used to love to lambaste Barack Obama for traveling abroad and “apologizing” for U.S. conduct. Mitt Romney popularized the argument during one of the presidential debates in 2012. The “apology tour” became an oft-repeated meme among the president’s critics.


If this isn’t supportive of ‘Terrorism’, what is?

Are we enabling another 9/11?

Does anyone else see these acts as Treasonous?


The only Muslims Trump seemed to address are the Sunni majority, including the most extreme of these the Saudi’s. The exporter of the most terrorism, the Saudi’s. Weapons, enough to destroy countries go to, the Saudi’s. I guess this is helping American jobs in the weapons sector. The marginalized in the region got little or no mention. The exception was a slam on Iran as ‘the leader in terrorism’, paraphrased. No mention of Syria, a country ravaged by a regime change directive that has killed a half million and displaced many millions more. Same policies going forth that have increased instability in the region for decades and apparently won’t change anytime soon. The last good thing done was the Israel, Egypt peace treaty that is still in effect to this day. Since then, late 70’s, nothing but bloodshed.
edit: the Iran nuclear deal also, but it’s perilously close to being reneged, by the…Americans.


Trump is so clueless that I often find myself nostalgic for GWB! I never thought I could say that with a straight face, Nevertheless, here we are. Never say never, I suppose.


Well, I will say Trump has sure discombobulated the left. Wish they would make up their minds. 5 years ago the Ukraine rebels were Nazi’s and Putin was a democratic truth teller and the Russians defenders of democratic Ukraine. Now he’s the devil and the Russians suck. 2 years ago anyone that pointed out the intolerance of Saudi was an islamaphobe. Now they suck. Last year Comey was a train wreck, now he is a Saint. Go figure. :confused:


Very poor analysis of the President’s effective first Overseas trip.

None of you have properly understood his achievements in the last few days.

The President’s top declared priority was to tackle Global Terrorism.
He has gone about this without lecturing the people he is talking to unlike Obama. The attack against Terrorism must be initiated in the home of Terrorists.

He has succeeded in creating a Global Coalition of Muslims, Jews and Christians from ALL OVER the world to sign up to this Coalition - United Against Terror.

The Global Islamic Summit was his first stop - incidental it was in Saudi Arabia.

Israel was next

Followed by the Pope

Finally ALL NATO countries have signed up to this Coalition - that has the following Mission Statement - Drive them Out - .https://youtu.be/h8bQH32pvgA

$350 billion worth of business signed up
Yes - it includes a $110 billion of Armaments deal to NEW Coalition Partner against Terror.

Awe inspiring success in less than 1 week.

Criticize the President by all means BUT you devalue your criticism unless you give Credit when credit is due.


Someone has certainly been reading between the lines.


Richard, It certainly would be nice to be able to credit this president for something. I have been waiting almost 130 days, and still haven’t found anything worth mentioning which warrants praise.