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Trump’s Middle Finger to Muslims, and Law

Trump’s Middle Finger to Muslims, and Law

Pierre Tristam

If there ever was a time to ask What Would Jesus Do, this is it. But Jesus’s head would explode, and not from the belt of a suicide bomber. From some of his own Christian worshippers-turned-jihadists.


One obvious solution to the refugee problem that none of the self-righteous hypocrites in the MSM seem able to see is right in front of our noses: Stop the wars for regime change! Trump’s motion is odious, and should be challenged, but how about, for once! we go straight to the cause of the problem?

Couldn’t one of them, just one, actually come out and say this? Come out and scream it? Horrible as Trump’s action may be, mass murder is far worse.


Let me get this straight. The US has bombed countless Mid East countries and inflicted catastrophic harm and damage; and then has the gall to deny safe passage of people fleeing this carnage? Only in America!


EXACTLY! I’m still waiting to see what Trump does in the ME. Don’t have my hopes up; but am praying our regime change days are over.

And then let the war crimes trials begin!!!


Outstanding article and an example of how best to beat back Trump and his cronies, i.e. with actual, documentable facts. The following should me memorized and quoted to all Trump defenders.

Not a single admitted Syrian refugee has been connected with a terrorist attack in the United States. Not a single admitted refugee from any of the countries Trump targeted has been associated with a terrorist attack on the United States. Not a single child refugee from any of 51 countries with Muslim majorities or pluralities has ever been associated with a terrorist attack on the United States.


Stephen, The MSM lied profusely during the primary season and colluded with the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton herself to basically force the ‘Goldwater Girl’ down our throats. The MSM will report only what their Corporate Masters allow them to report. Watch Democracy Now with Amy Goodman if you want honest journalism. Any other establishment news is very questionable.


Headline sez: “Trump’s Middle Finger to Muslims, and Law”

Well, at least it’s a tiny little finger.

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“The United States must Ensure that those admitted to this Country do not bear Hostile Attitudes toward it and its Founding Principles…”

…as that is the purview of Our Captured Government, and has been from JFK, to 9/11, to today.

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More like a middle finger to ALL Americans.


President Trump has also followed through on his threat to target and kill family members of those he decrees to be ‘terrorists’. This weekend, he sent the sociopathic mass murders of SEAL Team to kill people in a home in Yemem. The SEAL Team 6 sociopaths shot and killed 30 people including 10 women and children. SEAL Team shot Nora Awlaki, a US citizen and 8 year old daughter of Anwar Awlaki, in the neck and left her to bleeding to death. Reports are that she lay dying for two hours.


Numerous destructive & counter-productive policy decisions signings are the hallmark of the trump regime - especially the 7 Muslim-majority nation travel-ban, rolled-out with such incompetence and destructive consequences for people from those nations that have already gone thru a total security process. The chimps “my-way or the highway” arrogance is very-much not in America’s interests!

The ginger-chimps extremism and astonishing arrogant & ignorant travel-ban is a clear threat to US security, not as falsely claimed, a method to “protect America” - only sycophants, fools, and the ignorant/ill-informed believe such actions will accomplish anything other than feed anger at the US!

"Over 100 former officials who served under past presidents from both parties signed a letter calling on the current heads of multiple government agencies to urge President Donald Trump to “revisit and rescind” his recent executive order on immigration and refugees.

"The signatories wrote that a “blanket ban” on visitors from certain countries is “counterproductive from a security standpoint, and beneath the dignity of our great nation"

http://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000159-f0ef-d46b-abdf-f4efdd310001 link to the former security officials letter

Lest we forget, it was Obama’s Tuesday kill lists that paved the way for this move by Tdump.

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Yes, the Nobel Peace Prize winning President should also be brought to trial for his crimes against humanity.


not sure all the wars are for regime change, some are ,some are for reasons far to complex to unravell. But there would be far less refugees if there were far less munitions manafactures, lets face it …the sale of munitions around the world is the biggest money maker period, nothing else comes close except drugs and they lag far behind the sale of weaponry worldwide withn the U.S. being the largest purveyor of said weponry to the tune of around I believe the figure I read the other day here on C.D to be 24 billion, in 2015 alone, then there was France with several more billion 12 I think it was and then G.B. and Canada, so you have munition manafactures making Billions while millions of innocent ordinary humans like you and me who want nothing more than to see there children grow up happy and healthy, to enjoy what life has to offer, and to not live in fear of being bombed on a dailly basis.

I think its quite clear now that war is a racket a very very profitable one, and sadlly there allways needs to be an enemy, real or percieved to pursue this profit, and sader still is the fact that refugees are the product of these wars for profit. And saddest of all is the fact that after all these refugees have to endure …the final insult and biggest slap of all is to deny them a safe haven.

And we call our selves civilized, and them terrorists, the irony is just to much…

My guess:

Trump’s going to destroy the whole middle east in 30 days after the Generals come up with their plans he ordered.

But that’s better than Clinton’s insanity of invading 7500-nuclear-warhead-Russia, which her lieutenant neocon warmonger, Victoria NuLand, at the State Department, was doing; she massed NATO tanks and missiles on the Russian border.

We could have all been killed with a full mutual assured destruction exchange. So I support Trump’s and Tillerson’s ideas to be peaceful with Russia.

I know, I know,

Just let me get my hat and coat first…

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Why completely destroy the place where the MIC makes its most profits from. It would be bad business. Although Trump has proven to be a terrible businessman too.

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Trump appears to actually be trying to complete his campaign promises. One of them was “to wipe Radical Islam from the face to the Earth” which is the reverse of the Mis-translated Iranian threat against Israel by President Abberdean? (sp?) That guy never said that, but the bloodthirsty MSM mis-reported it anyway, trying to start a war in Iran.

Trump makes his money on Casinos, Hotels and Real Estate. He doesn’t care if the MIC gravy train ends. He wants to win, bigly. He wants to win the war, which the bush and clintons want to stretch out forever.

I’m just crossing my fingers that he keeps his promise on Medicare and Social Security and veto’s Ryan’s Bill to privatize with worthless vouchers, means testing, etc. Also, I want him to defund NATO like he promised.

The Titanic Earth is going down anyway, no matter what we do. We might as well enjoy the nice music on the way to our watery graves! Considering the sickening tilt of the deck, we haven’t got anything else to be happy about except the sporadic music provided by the doomed Trump Star Line!


The regime change is not what they want - it’s products such as oil from these countries.

After a while, the good guy starts to look like the enemy.

Yes, doesn’t make sense to go to the country that is bombing your country.