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Trump’s Military Madness Parade Actually Makes Sense (But Must Be Stopped!)


Trump’s Military Madness Parade Actually Makes Sense (But Must Be Stopped!)

Kevin Martin

President Donald Trump’s edict for the Pentagon to hold a military parade in Washington actually makes sense in a sick way. Shouldn’t we taxpayers get to see the missiles, warheads, tanks, drones, guns and other warfare hardware that over half of federal discretionary spending goes toward every year? Our tax dollars at work!


The US military is bloated beyond belief and is taking bread out of the mouths of babes.


Trump viewed a parade for Bastille Day, for crying out loud. It was not a tribute to Macron. Nevertheless, he wants a tribute to himself. I’m sure the DSM editors are continually working to capture the self-absorbed, world-ignored nature of this fool. Hey Donny, you can’t be king and jester at the same time. Pick the one at which you excel.


Unfortunately the only peace party is the Green Party. They received less that 3% (?) of the vote in the last presidential run. This parade will highlight and celebrate our ever so special killing machines that makes both major parties so proud and, most importantly to them, filthy rich. It is not just Trump folks.


“Militaristic Masturbation” cracks me up. Unfortunately, the very idea of such a parade is only another example of the perverse jingoism the Mango Mussolini wants to demonstrate. And, it’s not jingoism; it’s really a kind of perverse Trumpism!


I am totally disgusted with this excuse for an attack on Trump’s militarism. Does a military parade in a racist imperialist capitalist society ever make sense to the working class that has to pay for US wars with our treasure and blood?? Does it makes sense to workers around the globe who are killed by the hundreds of thousands with drone attacks, wars for Exxon-Mobil and BP??? This only makes sense to a capitalist system that is hurtling to fascism and world war and cataclysmic destruction for billions around the globe. To start his essay with such pathetically shallow, weak-kneed opposition to these dangerous maneuvers by our class enemy. Our schools are failing. Our health care system is being decimated. Our safety net of social security, Medicare,Medicaid are threatened with major cuts or even total elimination. Our infrastructure of highways, power systems, etc are all in a state of decline. This is all due to US capitalist imperative to maintain oil hegemony around the world costing over 2 trillion dollars a year in military expenditures and the so-called homeland security apparatus of fascist militarism. Wall Street calls the shots through their well-funded think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Brookings Institute, and a host of others. AS both the Republicans and the neo-liberal Democrats lead us to war with Russia and China the international working class can turn this coming war into a fight for worker’s power, egalitarian communist revolution. WE create all the wealth, we fight their wars. Armed with communist ideas and organization our class can bury this system and build a world of equality, prosperity, and peace. Racism globally accounts for at least 1/3 of the profits the capitalists make. Racist wage differentials and mass unemployment infect society around the globe. The only reason for it is to maximize profit, the basic law of capitalist society. See www.plp.org


I’m all for it, as long as the Pentagon pays for it with the 2+ trillions they can’t find in their accounting.


“Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. denounced the Giant Triplets of militarism, racism and extreme materialism. They still plague our society today, and are interrelated”

Dr King also wisely said:

“We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values”

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”

The revolution of values Dr King spoke of has never been as critically needed as today, and the silence of our “friends” tragically the norm…the quest for big-money substituted for moral compass and wisdom in “friends” and enemies.


Thank you for that…


A parade of this nature will point out to intelligent people how much money we waist on the military.To a large majority of people it will serve well as propaganda. It will illustrate Trumps vision of greatness, power, and America first. His followers will have orgasm over all that power and glory going by. “Check out the video that I made last year.” https://youtu.be/kD20IMVG3CY


Agreed. I wonder how many people seriously believe that if the Dems had control of the presidency right now there would be any less war or any less raised funding for the military. Remember that pretty much every Dem in congress voted to give Trump more military funding than he even asked for. So much for the resistance.


If there is a silver lining at least the U.S.'s rampart militarism is in the public eye now for all to see.


You? You’re still visiting the wrong sandbox.


I was more referring to the people in the United States itself. The rest of the world has caught on, it just seems to be U.S. citizens that are either ignorant or stupidly misinformed.


A giant military parade may show the world how great an mighty is our military, but it would also show the world how unfit to be Commander-in-Chief is Donald Trump. The mightiest army in history is under the control of the worst national leader in the history of the world.


Let me kindly tell you, over and over again, (so I will believe it myself) I don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction…