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Trump’s Minion Prepares to Gut Consumer Watchdog


Trump’s Minion Prepares to Gut Consumer Watchdog

Jesse Jackson

"Personnel is policy," says Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs recently named to head President Trump’s National Economic Council. He got that right, and every working family should shudder that Trump — after railing against the corruptions of Goldman Sachs and other big banks in the campaign — has put six former Goldman Sachs bankers at the head of his economic team.


Didn't Trump already dump the fiduciary rule ?


If Trump really wants Elizabeth Warren chewing on his neck, he should go ahead and abolish the CFPB. We ain't seen NOTHING yet!

And he will have his supporters amongst the voters . . . folks who have never walked a mile in their neighbors' shoes w/re to personal income collapse from corporate corruption. These will be many of the "Heartland" voters. Ones who enjoy an unthreatened, steady if modest income and have never had the misfortune of being screwed by the banks and their friends.

But when the Corpo Beast comes to get them too, watch the whining about how the Government doesn't do its job.