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Trump’s Misogyny and the Media’s “Righteous-Indignation Dollar”


Trump’s Misogyny and the Media’s “Righteous-Indignation Dollar”

Christian Christensen

Twenty years ago, the great Bill Hicks had a classic stand-up bit in which he imagined ad executives watching his rant against advertising, and saying to each other: “Oh, I see what Bill is doing! He’s going after the anti-marketing dollar, the righteous-indignation dollar! That’s a good dollar!” Hicks was pointing out the ability of advertising to, in an utterly cynical fashion, monetize anything and everything…even a foul-mouthed critique of the desire of advertising to monetize anything and everything.


Thanks, I needed some Bill Hicks quotes this morning. Here is another social critic, perhaps more relevant to this story: Neil Postman. If you haven't heard of him, I recommend reading his works, especially, "Amusing ourselves to death."

So often have progressives pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democrats and their corporate media sponsors with respect to oppression and war based on religion and race. Postman's thesis most accurately addresses the phenomenon of the blindness of people like Robert Reich who have latched on to Trump's bigotry, while ignoring Hillary's.

Presidential elections are charades. They change nothing. But they are extremely entertaining. Trump's bigotry is more entertaining than the mainstream bigotry of war, police brutality and environmental racism. This is what people want--to ooh and ahh over gaffes and zingers and go right back to their beer and American Gladiators as Hicks pointed out served mainly as a distraction from the terrors of American civilization.

What is war? To the families of the people being murdered, it is death and destruction. To the people in the country waging the war far away, it is something to watch on television, a basis for lively discussion at the bar, a subject for a new movie or video game. American culture has a one-point rubric for ALL experiences: it must be entertaining. And this quality allows voters and pundits to insist straight-faced that we continue to support a culture that demands constant war, death and destruction. Because the death and destruction isn't real--it's all just a vastly entertaining mirage


Excellent mind-opening angle in the arguments of this article.




And, above all else, where are the voices rising above the media frenzy and asking the most pertinent question - what are the substantive differences between these two deeply flawed candidates?

Both carry enormous baggage from their pasts.

Does Trump's misogygny pose a greater or lesser risk to national and international security than Hillary's deceitful behavior? Can they even be compared?


Well said. Thank you.


My Mother always told me if you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all. So let me say something nice about Trump for a change; Trump may destroy the Republican party and the Republican party is getting exactly what they deserve! Hey, maybe there is such a thing as karma after all!


Our media conglomerates owned by six corporations give or take one or two is on par with the banksters in this country and should be broken up and restore their agenda of working for public good a certain percentage of the time.

Everything is the almighty dollar bottom line.

America does not have a free press, they are the 1% and are working solely for their interests.