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Trump’s Most Damning Legacy


Trump’s Most Damning Legacy

Robert Reich

A president who has sacrificed the processes and institutions of American democracy to achieve his own selfish ends.

By saying and doing whatever he believes it takes for him to come out on top, Donald Trump has abused the trust we place in a president to preserve and protect the nation’s capacity for self-government.


The two Duopoly candidates in the 2016 presidential election were the two most hated, most corrupt, and most likely to continue the Duopolys damage of America’s place in the world community, the environment, and the likelihood of ever working towards Peace rather than War, that it’s easy to see how they hate each other.

Voting for the Duopoly candidates in the future just means more Hate, more War, and more fleecing of America.


The Presidency was stolen from Al Gore. The Supreme Court decision was a disgrace. The removal of voters from the roles in Florida was a disgrace.

Lying down for this leaves the way open to similar thefts in the future.

I’m not convinced that is in the best interests of people of the US.

No one spoke up with Reagan stole the election by having the Iranians hold on to the hostages. No one spoke up when Nixon stole the election by having the North Vietnamese pull out of a settlement negotiated by LBJ. I’ve heard that Bush stole the election against John Kerry who acquiesced quietly. No one spoke up when Trump won by the improper removal of voters from the roles.

And we go on… Your solution of a “good moral choice” leaves something to be desired. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight: Look at the consequences we have suffered from these “good moral choices”.


Pardon my ignorance what us duopoly Duo I figure means two and poly I see as many. I wonder too if the DNC treated Bernie Sanders fairly and he became the Dem. nominee he would of been president instead of Donald Trump.


I agree that Al Gore did not help our democracy by conceding to the Supreme Court decision of 2000. Over the first few months of 2001, Bush ignored all warnings of the attack that finally came on September 11, 2001’and then responded to the attack by launching 16 years of murderous wars on a host of Muslim countries. Untold hundreds of thousands, or millions, have died because of Gore’s “graciousness.” And he allowed the precedent of a stolen election to stand.