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Trump’s Most Worrisome Legacy


Trump’s Most Worrisome Legacy

Joseph Stiglitz

Kirstjen Nielsen’s forced resignation as US Secretary of Homeland Security is no reason to celebrate. Yes, she presided over the forced separation of families at the US border, notoriously housing young children in wire cages. But Nielsen’s departure is not likely to bring any improvement, as President Donald Trump wants to replace her with someone who will carry out his anti-immigrant policies even more ruthlessly.



> we may well reflect on how such a deranged and morally challenged person could have been elected president of the world’s most powerful country in the first place.

We may want to also reflect on how and why the deranged president’s Party covers for, and facilitates the insanity.



I think it is pretty apparent that deranged and morally challenged people elected the mango cheetolini.



I wasn’t referring to the deranged and morally challenged people who elected President Caligula. I was referring to the deranged and morally challenged people in the Senate, House and SCOTUS who have been, and will continue to, cover for, make excuses for, ignore the criminal and insane behavior of, President Caligula. Just as they did for Reagan when he was in full onset dementia.



The clarity of thought and writing in this piece is exemplary. Many know the author as a brilliant economist and Nobel Prize winner, but not many know he was the only one in his college class of 1964 and the surrounding classes (at Amherst College) to have graduated summa cum laude. That said, of course the Republicans in Congress made a Faustian bargain with the POTUS to get their right-wing conservative agenda through (until this year, of course, though the confirmation process in the Senate continues to do damage). Now they’re hoping for victory in 2020 in both Senate and House. Imho it’s important for Democrats to run on issues that are clear to most citizens–like health care, and social security–and to offer a clear and simple alternative solution to Trump’s policies re the “crisis” that he and his Administration have created on the southern border.



Millions of desperate people and a Democratic party that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them.
That’s how Trump became president.



Trump lost the West Coast by a 3 to 2 vote margin. I would wager it’s because the region was settled mostly after the Emancipation Proclamation in the early 1860s. Slavery was just never able to get a foothold here.
The West Coast has many issues, to be sure. But, we’re spared that cursed part of American capitalism, thankfully. As an example of the affects of ingrained racism, check out the Inland Empire. Idaho, Utah and rural parts of Arizona and Nevada. Full of Mormons for the most part. Their true colors and history run blood red, so to speak. And, the only reason they integrated BYU was to have a decent college football team ( 1978-9 ). Hell, even Alabama " say the light " at the back of the end zone, before that.
From their laissez-faire approach to the land and resource extraction practices, to the love of all things Trumpian including white privileges, they’ve given us Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney and not much else besides headaches.
Yes, Trump’s phony populism, psuedo Christo-fascist* ( Hedges ) bullshit and criminal public policies will do long lasting and profound damage to this country. But, let’s face it; he’s gotten a lot of help from all the usual corrupt suspects.
Just like those Old Confederacy plantation owners and Border State Klanners drew it up in the American playbook.



"…and after he’s gone…"

When in God’s name can we make that happen?



After learning of Assange’s arrest, Stiglitz couldn’t be more on point. the attack on Assange is all about press freedom, and his arrest is perhaps the most dangerous accomplishment of this administration.



Among hundreds of “dangerous accomplishments” Trump and the GOP have logged during the past two years.



1984 — Here At Last!!

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I would submit that all presidents, at least since JFK have been morally challenged and deranged war criminals.

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As to why we have Trump, let’s let Jimmy Dore explain it:

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This morbid game never ends, of course, because new contenders for the title emerge almost daily. Trump is a disrupting personality, and after he’s gone, we may well reflect on how such a deranged and morally challenged person could have been elected president of the world’s most powerful country in the first place.

This a direct result of the “lessor of two evils” voting system that both columnists and some few people here that proclaim themselves as progressives promote.

As the old expression goes “if you hold your nose to vote you will get a Government that stinks”. If you do this election after election then each Government stinks worse than the last.

Hilary Rodham Clinton was offered up in place of Bernie Sanders by the DNC. Had she beat Trump , the Government of the United States of America, would still stink. Why did the people that supported the HRC primary challenge against Sanders want a Government that stunk?



I think we have always been morally challenged. We signed treaties that we intended to break; we stole the land; we imported slaves to work the land and create wealth for the few; we chose slave owners for twelve of our early presidents and have monuments to these men that we approack with reverence. We exploited the work of immigrants and the poor and have created a permanent underclass. We revere the rich and blame the poor. We broke the unions; and worst of all we have killed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to exploit the resources of their countries. We built military power to bully other nations that stand in the way of ‘American interests’. We create instability in the target nations and swoop in to scoop up the spoils.
Yes, as individuals we may be good and moral people but we have closed our eyes to the reality of how desperate are so many of our fellow citizens and we refuse to question our government’s foreign policies and our policies at home. It is our money that keeps the government afloat doing as it pleases. How many of us want our foreign wars to end? 80%! why, then are we still at war? Because what the people want doesn’t matter. Our personal morality doesn’t transfer to our government.

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Well said. Amerika is a military dictatorship and even if 99% of the U.S. people wanted wars to end and the elimination of the Amerikan’s empires 800 world wide bases it would not matter!



What you mean-um “since JFK”, Kemo Sabé?   IIRC, it was JFK who got us so far into that mess that we couldn’t back out without “losing face” — and heaven forfend that the U.S. ever lose face . . .



Mea culpa!