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Trump’s New Blame Game


Trump’s New Blame Game

John Feffer

Fresh off an Asia trip where he showed surprising deference to dictators, Trump looks ready to start a renewed assault on critics at home.

Trump’s performance in Beijing went beyond even the man-crush he seems to develop with any autocrat who exercises the free rein of power that the president so desperately craves.


I find myself severely agitated (not particularly unusual with the approach of the high 'n mighty predatory season) by the presence of a near ‘full-house’ of trump related article hedlines. I’ve curbed my nausea.

Common Dreams - re-take the HELM!!

I propose taking this Trump/Bannon (think he’s gone? Think again) Manipulative Moment of Force Feeding 100% Headline Presence and utilizing it as a n opportunity for some minor formatting adjustments to the CD homepage.

Perhaps something along the lines of a dedicated column headed with - say Donkey Hokey’s or a colleague’s latest cartoon with an embedded link that must be clicked to access any of the sewage emanating from the Offal Office (or Orifice).

With the space liberated on the front page, deep- dig into updates on the real-time activities of the rest of the world especially the rising tide of REAL life methodologies of governance and civic life.

An under reprted and seminal bit of news is that crypto-currency has been adopted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Futures, anyone?


Drumpf, that Great Orange Dope, takes Putin’s word over that of proven liars because, unlike Clapper, Brennan, and the rest of the McCarthy-ite D.C. establishment, he actually is telling the truth. There has been no evidence presented that Russia interfered in any way in last year’s election. Grow up and get over it.

Meanwhile, yes, Drumpf is cozying up to totalitarian dictators like himself. Why wouldn’t he? Evil prefers the company of evil.


In general, I appreciate John Feffer’s astute analyses on politics, and the current Administration. This piece was no exception. However, he failed to mention that the Trans Pacific Partnership was a really bad deal for us, and the world economy–as written it should have gone down to defeat. That US rejection shouldn’t have been used as an example of Trump’s lack of international economic cooperation.


The mainstream media, including its comedians, continue spreading daily fake news about the how Murka is somehow “losing out” due to Trump dumping TPP when the reality is that the Trump regime by way of “tax reform” and decriminalization (euphemism is deregulation) is enabling the corporate control components of TPP (and other regulatory capture disguised as “trade agreements”) through the back door.

This is one of many examples of the mainstream media continuing to promote corporate control AND Trumpism.

The headline of this article is very misleading when you consider that Trump’s blame game is anything but “NEW”. Along with racism and sexism, Trump’s political career has always been rooted in not taking responsibility for ANYTHING while blaming everybody else for EVERYTHING. The common thread I notice in our local Trump supporters is that they are the same way…nothing is ever their fault.


The TPP’s worst aspect was the (trade dispute council) that overruled sovereign law and regulation. Trump continually catering to billionaires and powerful heads of state indicates he would favor that part of the agreement no matter what he’s said to the contrary. As a mass transit planner, I compare global trade to automobiles which are a severe impediment to the other modes of urban/suburban travel (transit, walking, bicycling). So too, the global economy is an impediment to the lesser, though no less fundamental economies - Local, Regional, State and National. The most energy efficient economy is Regional (consisting of many Local economies with a metropolitan region), especially when supported by State and National economies. All these economies of scale are less energy efficient when overly dedicated to the global economy. Because we must reduce fossil fuel use, the global economy (shipping, cross-country trucking, air freight, international travel and tourism) must be dramatically reduced in size, not merely slightly more efficient with alternate fuels.


Hurrah for Robert DeNiro:. Best angry put-down of Trump I’ve seen – maybe it’s DeNiro’s energy.


If progressives win the Senate and House in 2018 (or just the Senate), I am a little worried that Trump will go into rages and temper tantrums when he cannot dictate to the world, as he thinks he’s doing now. I am concerned that he will push the red button in the middle of the night – we already know that he acts on impulse, particularly angry impulses. The House and Senate need to stand strong against such a move and take that damned button away from him.

An alpha male needs a whole mess of betas to reinforce his status.

Well this one is an alpha-boy/baby and needs to be taken behind the woodshed and get what’s coming to him. His parents apparently never did, so the lesson must be implacable and take him down to size.


I’ve posted a lot of the link because it is so delicious!

Donald Trump has an inflated view of his assets. The president’s family business is worth about one-tenth of the value he has claimed, according to an analysis of the latest figures he has filed with the federal government.

Trump’s properties aren’t doing so well, even though it’s “halcyon days” for real estate developers, according to Crain’s. Not only are the Trump Organization’s plans to develop a Soho hotel in Manhattan dead in the water, but “prices are slumping for condos at Trump Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower,” Crain’s said.

The average price per square foot for condos at Trump Tower has fallen by 23 percent since 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported, while prices at other midtown developments have remained steady. At Trump’s International Hotel and Tower on Central Park, the average price per square foot is down 24 percent.

And revenue is are down on the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx, falling by more than $1.1 million in the past two years, to $5.7 million, Crain’s reported.

Trump also toppled on another list, down an astonishing 92 places (to No. 248), in Forbes’ rankings of richest men in America. But Trump remains a billionaire on the Forbes list, where he clocks in at $3.1 billion in total assets. He also took a dive on Bloomberg’s Billionaires’ list, but is credited with still having a total $2.9 billion in assets, as far as Bloomberg’s knows.

In 2015 Trump boasted: “My massive net worth is in excess of $10 billion.”

Net worth is a subjective “feeling,” Trump said in a 2006 deposition when he sued critical author Timothy O’Brien, who wrote “Trump Nation.” “My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings,” he said then.

Since Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, as presidents typically do, his income and information about holdings is murky.

Trump is currently being sued by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington for failing to put his business interests into a blind trust.

LOL! Everything he says and does is a lie.


What a great analogy, Mr. Feffer, in keeping with a great essay.