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Trump’s New Coal Rules Will Bury Rural America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/12/trumps-new-coal-rules-will-bury-rural-america


Mrs. Guild and I used to get into some ferocious arguments with our friend, the Red Diaper Baby, over environmental issues. “It’s a bourgeois priority,” she would thunder; her passions lay with ending homelessness, and she looked on our environmentalism as dilatory. It took some time and patience, but we won her over by explaining environmental racism to her.

Here, as elsewhere, William Greider’s Four Fundamental Questions of Politics apply:
–Who benefits?
–Who pays?
–Who must be listened to?
–And who can be safely ignored?

How many coal plants does Warren Buffet own ? People in Calif need to reject propping up these dinosaurs from other states!!!

Not sure where you got your info, but Buffet rejected buying a coal mine. And in 2017 he said investing in coal is a bad bet.
And in an article in 2012, Buffet also chose to not invest in coal mining.

Those are good questions. Unfortunately we know the answers and they are not good.
Who benefits- the rich
who pays- the poor
who must be listened to- the rich
who can safely be ignored- the poor.
The city that I live near has a highly polluted area, one of the highest in the US. And it is in the poorest area. And it is well known in our area. And it is common to many other highly polluted areas in the nation, it is usually in poor areas.
I lament the homeless population, but the environmental damage is far greater, esp to the poor.
Glad that you were able to convince her

Buffet is the biggest owner of coal PLANTS in the west------LA Times article 12/28/18