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Trump’s New War Cabinet

Trump’s New War Cabinet

Shahed Ghoreishi

On Thursday, President Trump moved one step closer to completing his preferred cabinet. General H.R. McMaster, whom Trump called boring, was replaced as national security advisor by ultra-hawk John Bolton.

Recognizing Trump’s propensity for listening to and agreeing with the last person to whom he speaks, the neocons just filled up his schedule with their minions until he capitulated. He is worse than a puppet in that regard, as the strings of power are more difficult to trace due to his distractibility. As Chomsky says, the Republicans are the greatest threat to humanity. The Democrats are surely not far behind. In the background, the neocons and AIPAC form the apex of the threat. For now and the foreseeable future, they are formidable foes. Since there is no conceivable manner in which they could control the up and coming Chinese machine, they are getting desperate and that is very scary.

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We are balancing on the edge of a cliff and a slight breeze will send us into the abyss. The bully monsters of brute force and intimidation are now in control with only Congress standing between them and full blown all out war and that is the most fragile of all barriers given their total subservience to their masters who love the profits that only war can bring; however, it is not just Trump but indeed a system corrupted beyond redemption that has led us to this point.

The hate-filled forward about Obama has to be the best news about Bolton in a couple decades. But it’s not much: I don’t see how it distinguishes Obama from anyone else.

Bolton is a bad sign, beyond what I am reading. People hire thugs that they could prosecute because they want minions who are thoroughly owned, who can no longer afford conscience.

Look at the hiring, imagine the job, and get ready.

This is all about changing the narrative. From Trumps legal problems to another lengthy Regime Change.

Get ready to get active.

Or, let the children do “our” dirty work.

It only makes sense if we understand that nature sends predatory conservatives to kill us off and restore a population balance.

Bolton is an un-useful idiot and Commander BoneSpurs is–well, we’ve pretty much sized up his devilship…

Bolton’s mindset seems to be obliteration as solution. He says it’s war but really he means obliteration. A couple howevers, then.

South Koreans are connected to North Korea by blood, language, and culture. They simply will not give Bolton his pre-emptive strike.

Attacking Iran is dimwitted, and Mattis would tell him so. From the west, how does he cross the Zagros mountains? From the east, he has no support from Afghanistan or Pakistan. Should he obliterate Tehran, does he paratroop in Sunni imams or Christian missionaries to occupy the country? Idiocy. Idiocy. Idiocy.

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After all these years of threats by the Empire, I can only assume that the Iranians have long since war gamed this out. I assume they are well dug in and I have read that they have a large number of shore to ship missiles. They will close the strait of Hormuz. The price of oil will soar, our fragile economy will tank and our political elites know this just as well. They just don’t care about us any more than they care about dead Iranians.



If Russian and China are successful with their new silk road which includes a lot of participants including Iran it is a big game changer it is bad news now or worst news latter. Iran doesn’t have to put up with this crap.,

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If the cowardly lion is allowed to assault Iran, I see Russia and China backing them up.
Eventually it will be the US and Israel, (possibly Great Britain), against the rest of the world. We would have our asses handed to us.


I think Uncle Po has a good point too. In China a war is won or lost before the first bullet is shot. We on the other hand do not have a clue. So yeah, I agree.

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The King of Rohan , at heart was a decent man. Donald S trump is not.

Both. The book Suspir(i)a De Profundis was one of my favorite works of prose when I read it. The translation of “Sighs from the depths” was one I think suited being on these forums.

I did make a typo when the name was recreated after the move off Discord (i think it was).

I do think that deep inside , there many of us that understand the beauty of this world and what it can be. We can see it on the outside even as it being despoiled and we can feel it in the deepest parts of our “souls”.

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“Trump and his gang of evil are preparing for the very conflicts that he promised to avoid”

‘Preparing’ is not quite the right concept - more like ‘instigating’…

Actually, between Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, I had a tough time figuring out which one was Grima Wormtongue and which one was Grigori Rasputin.

Agree. You figure that the Iranians knew something was up by 2003 and the US invasion of Iraq: Coupled with the 2001 occupation of Afghanistan, it was a classic pincers movement around Iran–the only trouble was that the US could not control either Iraq or Afghanistan sufficiently.

You also have to wonder if US support for Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen is to help secure the western side of the Arabian peninsula should the Strait of Hormuz be closed.