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Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine Increases the Likelihood of Human Extinction

Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine Increases the Likelihood of Human Extinction

Nate Singham

President Donald Trump has made some very significant policy decisions since entering office that have undermined nuclear non-proliferation on a global level. The two most notable examples include Trump’s withdrawal from a key bilateral nuclear weapons treaty with Russia and his decision to leave the Iranian nuclear deal.

Trump announced this January that he would initiate a six-month withdrawal process that would see the United States quitting the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia, claiming a number of violations by that country.

It is long past the time to sacrifice “one” to save the many.


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I hear you Pony, however I’m not sure “sacrifice” is the proper term to use. How about “eliminate” or “whack”?

“Whack” seems most appropriate in this situation. I like “whack.”

Thanks Dawg.

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You ever thought about being a dee-jay? You’d be good at it! You taste in tunes is great!!

“A weapon unused is a useless weapon!”

We can’t have all those bombs sitting around getting dusty.

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It is imperative that we do what ever it takes to get Trumps hands off of the nuclear, trigger ASAP! I do not know about you, but Trump who is both impetuous and not playing with a full deck, frankly scares the hell out of me!


That prospect, like all of the others, does not appear to bother Congress nor the Courts. Isn’t there, somewhere, a “duty of care” that Congress has to protect the people of the U.S.? So far, that is notably absent.

My guess is that none of these will occur.

Well the last might happen if the world continues its downward spiral.

Assume that PonyBoy refers not to the world’s incineration; could be wrong.