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Trump’s Parade Plan Isn’t Just Another Distraction

Trump’s Parade Plan Isn’t Just Another Distraction

E.J. Dionne

Military parades, “treasonous” opponents — do you sense a pattern here?

President Trump is such a master of the politics of distraction that everything he says and does is assumed to be a diversion from something more important, the Russia collusion issue above all.

Republicans, are you proud now?

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Celebrating Peaceful Coexistence with all nations is something to have a parade about.

Military Might celebration is so, childish.


Why would we expect Trumpler to defer to his better angels concerning this parade when he had the audacity of idiocy to take 5 deferments to get out of serving in the military at all? He insults the military, veterans, and even veteran’s wives when he announces he wants a parade to show off all of our armaments – with apologies to all individuals who are cognitively disabled – this worthless piece of pond scum IS retarded, and he proves it on a daily basis!

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This supposed opposition to Oranguturd’s militarism is actually a disgusting display of imperialist patriotism in itself. It is not Trump’s invocation of the United Snakes military to boost his personal standing that is the problem, but the very existence of that murderous centipede.

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I like Rand Paul’s idea. Let’s bring all the troops home and throw a parade.


“Most feared and trusted”? Isn’t that oxymoronic (it’s certainly moronic!)?

Sick to death of the “liberal” characterization of our bloated, aggressive, corporate military as “heroes” and “warriors for freedom.” They are, in the best of cases, feckless dupes tricked into sacrificing their lives/body parts for big business. Support the “troops” by ending all war and eliminating all but the (relatively tiny) purely defensive/constructive side of the military.


I’ll drink to that, Double W.

have you ever strapped on a rifle and declare your willingness to go to war for your country? our soldiers are heroes even the “dupes” who had no clue our wars have become big business. they are not the ones to be criticized, the leaders are.

The “ultimate sacrifice,” as I understand it, is indeed to be willing to be made into a killer. It is certainly not to march with heavy machinery to flatter a fool.

There may be some heroic acts performed in war, but they mostly refer to rescuing your own, not fixing the world. Just about the time 43 was ramping up his “shock and awe” campaign against Iraq, UNICEF issued a report that pitifully few Iraqi children were vaccinated. I proposed that, instead of bombs, we sent in a UNICEF battalion to bring the vaccinations up to date. That might have been heroic.

Indeed, criticize the leaders. Pity the dupes. And shout the truth to stop the duping.

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False dichotomy! I pity the dupes, yet criticize to no end the non-duped troops and their leaders. Strap on a rifle and go to war? Never. War is state-sanctioned murder, never justifiable, always a manifestation of human weakness and toxic masculinity.