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Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio Is Deeply Disturbing


Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio Is Deeply Disturbing

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson

During a speech to a group of police officers in July, President Trump returned to one of his favorite themes of the campaign season: violence. “Please don’t be too nice” to the “thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon,” Trump advised the officers. Be “rough.”

The president’s endorsement of police brutality was met with applause from the officers and shock from activists and pundits alike.


I would say the Arpaio has a lynching mentality. Forget about the laws, courts and due process - just carry out a perverted system of justice. Like the many, many people who participated in lynchings - Arpaio will not face justice for his crimes. Unfortunately, there is an element of americans that like this stuff - the John Wayne mentality, wild west justice, etc, etc. These are people who have kept this nation from maturing into something with potential, viability and greatness for everyone. For them - it is us against them. Why can’t they grow up and be responsible to the law and to human dignity.


I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that “Wild West Justice” aimed at these Ethically and Morally Challenged Elites.

It has been proven that they are utilizing or just taking more of the benefits that are being doled out in certain government programs.

The parties of the Duopoly have enabled the equality gap to widen for decades.


They will stop at nothing and the law means nothing to them. They murdered our best leaders in the 1960s and will stop at nothing. Unfortunately so many americans are complicit and just keep waiving the flag, buying at Amazon or Walmart - no analysis or anything. There should be a rule of law but the law has become something that is just a matter of interpretation. The laws applied to the poor and minority or the rest of us for that matter - do not seem to apply to the rich, elite and corporations. They have bought the judiciary which is very compromised and biased against human rights and dignity.


Meanwhile, Leonard Peltier continues to sit in jail.
Obama also denied Peltier’s application for clemency…
There is no justice from the right nor the not-so-right.


I would change that to say “There should be a rule of law but the law has become something that is just a matter of application.” Meaning, if you are rich and white, the law doesn’t apply.


While faux-Emperor/president Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio is less deadly than, it is quite analogous to, Hitler pinning a medal on Otto Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi EMPIRE’s SS-Obersturmbannführer.


And in 8 years, what did Obama do beside torturing folks in Gitmo and assassinating US citizens without probable cause. Let’s be disturbed.



This article relates to other pardons that Trump may be planning, his “forgiving” the possible crimes that are devastating to HIM. Apparently Trump cannot pardon people who are found guilty in State courts; he can pardon those found guilty in Federal Courts.


Trump’s racism is obvious, but his pardon of Arpaio is thought to be a signal to other wrong-doers in his administration that he will pardon them, too. His racism is obvious against brown people because otherwise he would not have pardoned Arpaio and would have chosen somebody else.


Here is more information about Trump’s pickle:


And Obama did NOT have the guts to pardon ANY of the 100+ POLITICAL PRISONERS who ahve been incarcerated for DECADES. Obama should have at least pardoned Leonard Peltier & dissident journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal who have endured decades behind bars and are in poor health. But, he didn;t—since such an action might have undermined the $400,000 speaker fees he’s already begun to collect.