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Trump’s Policies Are Harming Refugees Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/trumps-policies-are-harming-refugees-worldwide

They shoot horses, don’t they? Good luck trying to get this republican run country to share it’s wealth in any way. It’s the republican creed to watch the “others” clamor for a helping hand.
Silver spoon shitheads.

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This fits American exceptionalism, we are right and all those brown refuges are the problem.

Far too many headlines for these Articles try to imply that all of this related to Donald trump and that if he went away all would be well again and the USA would be that beacon of “Freedom and Liberty”.

This is a crock. The Policies of every US President before Trump have served to harm refugees worldwide.

See Libya.

The underlying root cause is the Governmnet of the United States of America and it being the Country that champions, Corporatism, Capitalism and the 1 percent.


That is funny. No one is keeping other people and cultures from advancing themselves. We are not forcing anything on them either. Some of them don’t want to be like us. It has nothing to do with Republicans hiding a lifestyle from other people.