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Trump’s Policies on Immigrant Children Violate the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Trump’s Policies on Immigrant Children Violate the Convention on the Rights of the Child

César Chelala

After enacting a “zero tolerance” policy towards all adult immigrants crossing the border into the U.S., in effect separating parents from their children and keeping the children in inhumane conditions, the Trump administration now intends to rescind this measure. However, because some family records have been lost or destroyed, some children may never again be reunited with their parents.


The Exceptional(ly fucked up) Nation Powers On.


Anyone with a minimum of intelligence knew in the first weeks of this Presidency when Trump proclaimed that the White House staff wouldn’t be needing classes in Ethics as had been customary, that this group of “meatsuits” had a less than human agenda.


Claiming that Trump violates a UN policy when the UN has been the biggest child abusers in every place they go is just a tiny bit hypocritical…


The USA, working night and day, to unite the people of the world into a common cause and enemy. Sadly, for those of us who haven’t emigrated yet to societies more civilized, the USA, because of it’s unconscionable acts and policies, has become that “common enemy” of the little people of the world! For every American now alive there are over twenty-one non-Americans out there getting increasingly frustrated with our crimes and stupidities. Already, we had a bombing at the Boston Marathon – many injured and some killed – that the bombers blamed upon crimes by our Government Few against the Muslims of, I believe, Chechnya.

How many kidnappings will come to a street near you as direct blow-back to Trump’s policy of child-snatching and family-busting? Ugly, bloody days coming to Americans from those who have been stepped upon by our government’s bloody policies. If common Americans don’t reassert control over our increasingly-brutal government, other societies will respond by blowing up OUR wedding parties as payback for the way our Military blows up theirs.

Spreading love is a much more sensible foreign policy than anything our government has tried yet. Tell that to your Senators and Congressman, and tell them often.


There is no doubt that 45’s regime is in the business of crimes against the child. Crimes against humanity. Crimes against Life.

There is no doubt that every U.S. administration has been in this same business.

This is, after all, a nation founded on ripping children away from their human mothers, their mother cultures, their Mother Earth. After all, this nation was founded genocide, slavery and ecocide; its laws and system of governance grew out of such crimes against Life, and thus serve to rationalize and perpetuate these.

There is no doubt that the U.N., while in a sense expressive of humanity’s recognition that we are all children of Mother Earth, and so must cooperate to meet the challenges we together face, was created to channel that sense into forms that maintain the rule of the cruelest and most rapacious among us.

And on a deeper level, the evident failure of our modern systems of law and governance to resolve the problem of human violence through mental fiat—through mental “resolutions”, laws, and policies—tells us that it’s time to move on.

The modern experient is now concluded. The data is in. It demonstrates conclusively that mentally-dominant strategies for addressing violence are necessary, but not even close to sufficient, to enable us to progress toward a world free of violence. Free of inequity. Free of cruelty.

So the question now is: shall we continue to pledge allegiance to flags, nations, laws, policies and procedures? Shall we continue to be loyal to modes of moving, perceiving, feeling, acting and thinking that have brought us the Sixth Mass Extinction and enslavement of a vast majority of humanity?

Or shall we humbly and courageously admit that these habits are powerless to change the conditions that trouble us, and surrender them to the greater Power of Life? Shall we soften and open, thus inviting the greater creative Force to show us a new way?


Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions don’t give a damn about the CRC. They probably don’t even know it exists. They are hard core racists with an agenda.