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Trump’s Policy Agenda Is an All-Out War on KidsTrump’s Policy Agenda Is an All-Out War on Kids


Trump’s Policy Agenda Is an All-Out War on KidsTrump’s Policy Agenda Is an All-Out War on Kids

George Goehl

Donald Trump’s choice to separate migrant children from their parents unleashed a flood of outrage across the political spectrum. While he has been forced to step back from separating families at the border, the administration’s solution is to imprison children with their parents, and change laws so they can hold them indefinitely.


Ya our children are so much better than the children in Syria, Libya, Yemen and many other African nations which we destroy by the handfulls.


Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka: exhibits 1, 2, and 3

To the extent they are useful at any given moment, they are deployed. Number three had to grind on Daddy’s lap to rate attention. This “man” and the minions who kiss his ring (well it is shaped like one, folks) are self-serving psychopaths incapable of true empathy. We must rid ourselves of them with all dispatch.

(Tiffany & Baron get passes)


The US is not killing Syrian children, Assad is.


Anyone notice that all kinds of whataboutist commenters who have been absent since the Trump campaign in 2016 are now reappearing now that Trump is endangered?


Bullshit you are ignorant. If not killing why are they in Syria. As Obama your god has said Assad must go. And that happens without the total destruction of Raqqa? right. No lives lost right. You are close minded or ignorant like most Americans. We have dropped tons of bombs on Syrians in your mind they are all smart bombs and only kill the bad guys. If that were true Americans would all be dead in Syria.
You have no excuse for your ignorance as you are an educated person.

Love the picture of the white helmets. Feeling pain? Its just the hook on the line with the sinker.


Trump is a Child Molester of the worst sort.

He signs a piece of paper, and children’s lives are affected forever.


airways.org covers this issue pretty thoroughly. Regarding civilian deaths from bombing, Russia has indeed been responsible for the majority of deaths in Syria in 3 of the past 4 years (including currently).


Shifting the blame is one of the things dumb ass Americans do to cover their crimes across the globe. The Russians where asked to help Syria and are bombing Syria to rid the country of the terrorists that are supported by you rich Americans. For seven years the USA has been illegally in Syria SPEAK TO THAT! Such a sore ass American. You need to watch more TV. How many Russians destroyed Libya! How many black presidents destroyed African nations so today we can have a black African slave market? Who you going to blame that on?

Read em and weep!





Odd response to my post. I give no safe harbor to American Imperialist crimes across the globe. I was merely providing data on the bombings in Syria - and providing a web resource on data regarding bombings in that region that I thought folks here might be interested in (including data on the bombings in Libya).

I do disagree with you that the Russian intervention in that war is somehow legal because they are supporting the Assad Regime. All foreign troops and support should have been out of that conflict from Day 1.


Sorry to be harsh but Americans and all…

Day one there were no Russians except in there bases in Syria. It was 3 or 4 years later when thousands had died by American hands and millions where dying on the shores of Europe that Russia was asked to help. Yes this is legal. Or you were thinking US troops in Germany was illegal too. Or the troops in Japan? Countries do have friendships in war not unlike the French and colonial America in its war for freedom that has been long forgotten. Russia is legally in Syria by international law.

The USA is a rogue nation that from the start claimed Syria gassed their own people in false flag to invade. Obama said a democratically elected president of a foreign country had to leave. Ya that was legal right??? We have been with your support there for 7 years and you scum bags are loosing and having your semper fi dragged through the sands of your criminal actions.

By the way make no mistake this is NOT an American Imperialist Crime it is a crime committed by the American people, their government and their rich. You can not escape your own guilt because unless you paid no taxes you paid for all the death and destruction you do not see on your news media fakelets. Enjoy your dinner children died so you could eat what you eat.


I do think most American bases overseas are “illegal” (some in the sense of U.S. law, some in the sense of International law, some in the sense of being the result of an imperialist crime of coercion).

And I certainly disagree with your support for the Assad regime - and your belief in that false flag conspiracy theory - the United Nations reports on the Syrian chemical weapons use tell a different story.

As to whether the American progressive left in should feel responsible for the death and destruction caused by the international powers that be - led by the powerful in our country … I’d say our main guilt should be in the recognition of how ineffective we’ve been at opposing the things we detest. Much of that ineffectiveness is due to our inability to form a united front, our inability to recognize fact from conspiratorial fiction, and our inability to find innovative strategies that come to the attention of, and capture the imagination of, the public at large.

Thus my attention is focused on those barriers.


Stark truth. Kind of goes with a conversation I was having here the other day regarding who-is-the-progressivist pissing contests that are endemic to the Left.


Glad you like my comment and hope I can get you to move toward my position regarding working toward unity.
I view the responsibility to build a progressive/left united front as falling on all of us to work on. While you decry the who-is-the-most progressive pissing contest, please don’t ignore the who-is-more-realistic pissing contest that breeds contempt in the other direction.


I get what you are saying, but I think its fair to call out nonsense when I see it sometimes. Sometimes progressives are used by their own side; sometimes progressive politicians are still politicians, and I include Bernie in this as well. There’s way too much jumping to judgement sometimes over small stuff or for stuff that is outright wrong. Not everyone is a sellout or corrupt or evil just because they don’t do what we want.


So you put your repution behind the reputation of the UN. The UN otherwise know as the blue helmet that rapes is certainly something Americans can get right behind. They brought cholera and rape to Haiti. AND THIS IS YOUR PRIZED AUTHORITY ON CHEMICAL ATTACKS IN SYRIA? Grow up expand your thinking you have not yet gotten outside of USA propaganda. Look at Haiti now. If you are white you do not leave your hotel room as to be in the street as white man is to be attacked. Thank you UN thank you dpearl for the support of this moral trash.

Before you trash Assad learn about him and his country.


Here you are on CD one of the big DNC and neo-con websites that supports identity politics and multiculturalism which are social programs designed to fracture unity among Americans to prevent them from rising up in unity. What is up with that?

Before you can act as a group you have to act as an individual which you can not do as you are too enmeshed in the propaganda.