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Trump’s Proposed Budget Will Pay for America’s Berlin Wall

Trump’s Proposed Budget Will Pay for America’s Berlin Wall

George Cassidy Payne

So much for Mexico paying for it. According to a recent CNBC article, “Trump will request more than $4 billion in defense spending to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, marking the first federal dollars that would be allocated for one of his most divisive campaign promises.”

If only…!

Two words that I am sick of saying to myself. If only money like what will be used for this stupid wall was used to build a solar energy plant that stretched along a highway across the desert (allowing easy access for repairs) even perhaps shading the roadway beneath the paneling that would power whole cities and provide thousands of jobs and boost our competitiveness in the bargain with cheap electricity.

If only …we were smart instead.

If only.


I’ve done my share of disagreeing with Kunstler but I think he is good on describing the clown show.


This wall could not be more appropriate!
Amerika, under Trump, is the Fourth Reich.

Russia had what was called: " THE IRON CURTAIN". Now, the Fourth Reich will have its own Iron Curtain!

Thanks for your reply and just wondering; will the Mexican wall be used eventually to keep people in?

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“Trump’s wall will cost at least $25 billion”, except that it will actually cost twice that much to build and even more to man during the first decade it exists. The solid 30’ high SOLID wall will be totally ineffective if there are no guard towers so the Border Patrol can see both sides of the wall.

Trump showed himself to be a liar and a huckster. So often it isn’t funny. Yet, we will pay for this wall, despite his promise that Mexico would pay for it.
And so many sad, desperate people believed him.
Suffering people will suffer even more as Trump and his Fourth Reich cronies grow wealthier.
Maybe when the wall is built, Ivanka will christen it. I can’t wait.

This is exactly why it is being built. Then we will be captive consumers completely at the mercy of our corporate overlords. Membership in the 1% will be required to travel outside of our borders. Trump is only hastening the same enslavement that the Clinton 3rd Way folks would have brought about. When the DNC comes next, people will breathe a false sigh of relief. Wake up USA - stop this and restore a government by the people and for the people. Let’s also make sure our taxes get to the people and not the corporations, as has been the case for decades already.

" This exactly why it is being built."

Lets hope you are wrong, but with current fascist, regime it is easy to be paranoid!

Trump wants to increase spending on the pentagon aka (military industrial complex)…by 300 billion…Now you add that to his wall…mega billions…PLUS…you deduct the loss of tax money by giving all his wealthy friends including him large and I mean large tax cuts…Then ask yourself why he is cutting all these social programs…,.hmmmm…He wont be saving us any money and we will still be paying our taxes…He wont be cutting ours, someone has to pay for idiot Trump to wile away in luxury with weekly golf sessions and wasteful vacations …Trump like all the stupid republicans hate taxes YET…The assholes love to spend and waste them…especially if their corporate bosses get to use them taxes to line their pockets instead of using them to help American people and society as a whole…Everyone who voted for Trump is a bonafide idiot…People who are so ignorant its a miracle they can tie their own shoes…The morons have spoken and they want the big orange buffoon…The clowns need their head clown…So be it… you wont even have a bridge to live under when the economy goes south again…All the highways and bridges will tumble down from old age with republican rules…If you aint got it then GFY according to republican philosophy.

This is nearly 4 years later and it is pretty clear that my prediction was on target. We cannot leave our borders, although the very rich have ways around it. The Team Blue has been lulled into complacency while Biden is every bit, if not more horrid and dishonest than Trump. Until we wake up and demand tax dollars be spent on WE THE PEOPLE - with beating hearts, unlike corporations which have no heart, nothing will fundamentally change.