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Trump’s Proposed Defense Splurge Flunks Basic Math


Trump’s Proposed Defense Splurge Flunks Basic Math

Linda Bilmes

On Tuesday night, President Trump began to confront the reality of transforming his campaign slogans into actual policies that must be passed by Congress and paid for. It is no accident that he delivered his address at an odd time in the political calendar — months before he unveils his actual budget details in May. But based on the early evidence, we can already see huge flaws in the president’s budgetary arithmetic.


"If we fix it so's you can't make money on war, we'll all forget what we're killing folks for" - Woody Guthrie

Following Goebbels' playbook to achieve and maintain power, Trump needs to continue creating new enemies that only he can save his supporters from. Bolstering corporate welfare for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) improves Trump's standing with his base and enhances his daddy warbucks investments and those of his billionaire cronies.


Thanks, Linda, for the assessment on the true costs of war.

I would also suggest acknowledgement of another cost that never seems to factor into government war planning - the human cost of war:


Flunk basic math? Yes, but the greater failure is flunking basic humanity...........Stupid, ignorant, and corrupt is as stupid, ignorant, and corrupt does...........


Bilmes sez: "It won’t help our troops cope with long deployments and endless wars, but it will further line the pockets of out-of-control military contractors."

In which case the budget was crafted flawlessly. I suggest unfurling Herr Reichsminister Rove's old 'Mission Accomplished' banner at the bill's signing.


The 'math' used by a skilled con artist always sounds reasonable enough otherwise it would never convince you to go along with it. Only later do you realize that you have lost a bundle when you can't balance the checkbook anymore. Trump is ever expert at plowing a field ahead of time but less able to reap the harvests he so glibly promised.

Day after day Trump continues to make promises without backing them up. He promises that a billionaire with no experience in education will deliver splendid results simply because he chooses to believe that it will happen despite having no proof to suggest it might. A government of billionaires is somehow supposed to be representative government simply because he says so.

In the end it when the tally is added up it will be that Trump actually opposed representative government and did all he could to create a true oligarchy that represented itself and not the public. Whether education ( where the public pays for private schools) or regulations (where coal's pollution is subsidized while solar becomes much cheaper to use worldwide or military expenditures are wasted money unless used. Do we really need a twelfth aircraft carrier task force? Well we would if we intended to go to war perhaps! Are we ready for that again?

Ooh wait! Didn't you know? Nobody will have to pay to rebuild our infrastructure or build up a bloated military to prepare for war or to cut corporate taxes and on and on.

The math of the con >>> no one will have to pay. Just trust him!!!!


"US military readiness is fundamentally sound,"

I would say that the size of the USA's military readiness is completely unnecessary. Just how many nuclear warheads and carrier groups are needed to kill 143 million Russians living in around 200 cities?

THAT is the key issue.


My neighbor is a retired high ranking US military officer who participated in the US gubmit on-site investigation of the former Soviet Union's military infrastructure after its collapse more than a quarter century ago. He told me that based on what they found the Soviet threat was way overblown during the previous 45 year cold war.

The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) created serial fake news to keep us in fear and willing to support writing blank checks for MIMIC, a practice that continues despite the US gubmit's promise of a "peace dividend" during the post cold war era.

Trump is taking the fear and blank check strategy to new heights.


I guess the Cold War is just like the War on Terror -- it's all overblown and unsubstantiated. The real risk simply isn't there.


Politicians creating a 'War' where there isn't one, is good for Billions of dollars.

You can this in action right now. Trumps' making America Safe from Muslims, Criminal Illegal Aliens, Criminal 'Leakers' in the White House, etc., is gonna cost Billions.

Forget the Criminal Bankers, Polluters, and Cops who will cause infinitesimally more human suffering.


The US military has been declared unauditable by auditors and the beneficiary of so many blank checks, off budget appropriations and other creative financing for so many decades that it is laughable to even suggest that any arithmetic or mathematics be applied to any analysis or investigation of the military.


Cold War v2.0...Global War on Terror...War on Drugs.

But if you mention fighting income inequality, you're just stirring up class warfare.

And MIMIC...good stuff, Man.


Recall Warren Buffett telling Ben Stein in 2006 "Its my class, the rich class, making class warfare, and we are winning".

After the rich class caused the 2008 collapse, the DC politicians legislated to further enhance the fortunes of the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for over $2 trillion dollars. He called for a full audit of the Pentagon's books. The next day was what we have come to call 9/11. The Pentagon's accounting records were kept in one of the buildings that was destroyed on that day. The Pentagon has not since been audited.