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Trump’s Push to Privatize the USPS is a Direct Threat to Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/trumps-push-privatize-usps-direct-threat-democracy


Wake up Voters, we need a massive turnout at the polls this November to end this threat from a basically ignorant, possibly mentally ill, certainly demagogic, Donald Trump.
If enough of the electorate votes then no amount of the cheating the republicans engage in repeatedly will be effective.


A massive turnout would have happened if the DNC hadn’t consistently screwed the progressive side of the party…now who knows, looks like a repeat of 2016. They could not have possibly picked a worse candidate.

Biden left the race in 1988 over concerns about plagiarism. He is a racist who argued against busing and wrote the 90’s crime bill that not only incarcerated millions of black Americans, it also disenfranchised most of them due to state laws. He made certain that other women beside Anita Hill could not testify before Congress, ensuring that Clarence Thomas became a Supreme Court Justice. He is a misogynist who has sniffed the hair of women on camera and has numerous sexual harassment reports. He rewrote the bankruptcy laws to the benefit of the corporations as the senator from Delaware and made sure that student debt could not be liquidated. He supported the TPP which was a corporate giveaway, not a trade agreement (~https://popularresistance.org/isds-provisions-in-tpp-violate-article-iii-of-the-u-s-constitution/). Check out the ISDS provisions of both NAFTA and the TPP. He has championed the endless Mideast wars and the targeted murder of US citizens without due process. He has refused to support Medicare for all or the Green New Deal and has made no effort to support Progressives in the Democratic platform. He made no effort to cut military spending, despite the fact that the Pentagon has repeatedly failed to complete audits required by Congress since 1992.

I’m missing a lot more, but you get the idea. I don’t really see how this nitwit is better than Trump. He is a tool of the alphabet agencies and probably Epstein had a couple of videos of him. I won’t vote for Trump, but I won’t vote for Biden. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before things improve. We’re almost there, but not close enough to get people away from TV and cat videos.

Oh yeah, there’s this:


Three day dead roadkill is a better option than Trump, why do you not see that?
The fact that some of what you cite Biden as doing came a rather long time ago. Are you the same as your were twenty or thirty years earlier? I doubt it.
I know of no one who calls Biden the perfect candidate, only the better choice given the horrific Trump first term. The leftist agenda suffers precisely because well meaning folks seek perfection where none exists.
Almost half the electorate remained home in 2016, that brought us this would be orange dictator. We need to accept that progress does not come via some mythic magic wand, but by accepting the hard fact that progress is incremental and the fight does not end with an election.

What brought the “orange dictator” was the feckless DNC. LOTE voting is what got us here. Continue with your madness. If I do vote for Biden it will be with a pinched nose and only because Harris is marginally better than Pence. I will however definitely vote down-ballot as there are many interesting things happening there

I think that, at this stage, it doesnt matter much how Trump wound up where he doesnt belong. We must rid this nation and this world of a budding fascist demagogue.
By all means, hold your nose if that is what it takes, but vote Trump out!

GATS is why everything is being privatized, globally, bit by bit BTW.
Unless its a "service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority“ which means any (subsidized) service which is “supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more
service suppliers”.


Its part of the WTO. We joined it on December 8, 1994