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Trump’s Racism Coils Around Black Children, South American Immigrants


Trump’s Racism Coils Around Black Children, South American Immigrants

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

The cages are nothing new to Black parents. Their kids are locked up at a rate as high as 30 times more than white children even though Black and white kids commit most offenses at similar rates.


Dump the Racist Duopoly as both halves of this “Hole” are complicit.

Get out of the hole, and choose a party that represents all People.

Take a moment to read the “Green New Deal.”

Then, choose.


I think one step is to end private prisons and private detention centers. These are probably where the worst abuses are occurring and they are not under government control. Also, privatization provides a financial incentive to lock more people up to boost profits, The entire system needs to be put under the control of governments and not be just another way for people to make money at the expense of others.


When you evaluate immigration there are far more issues than racism, although you need to take that into consideration. Assimilation into a non-racist society is one thing but you have to consider that undocumented status is expensive and it doesn’t provide protections that is the pathway to naturalization. It also over burdens that process and other basic services. it is not racism to limit what we can do and what we can’t. Immigration is not meant to do that and will always fall short no matter how well intended.


I know all too well the terror that the US government inflicts on those with minority opinions, lifestyles, and ethnicities. It is very real, painful, and traumatizing. I was not in a situation that is well recognized, as I am a white male, but I discovered, while trying to practice my profession as a psychiatrist, that the profession was taking people with minority opinions, controversial lifestyles, and independent thinking processes, and subjecting them to pejorative labelling, forced drugging, and incarceration for unlimited periods of time. I was not the type of person that could conceal my awareness, and so I was ostracized and marginalized, and I was never able to find work again in the US. I was financially better off than most immigrants and people of color, but the terror and “internal exile” was still very real and frightening. The US government must be radically transformed, as it has such a long history of militarism and ethnic cleansing, internally and externally. The task is doable but will require ongoing effort on the part of all those with a conscience.


Goebbels play book requires the endless creation of new enemies that only the divine leader can save his followers from. Trump’s racism enables lots of contrived enemies to keep his base engaged and to keep the GOP’s divide and conquer strategy alive.