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Trump’s Rally Rhetoric Is Going to Get Somebody Killed


Trump’s Rally Rhetoric Is Going to Get Somebody Killed

Eugene Robinson

Everything you need to know about today’s Republican Party is summed up by a photograph from President Trump’s political rally in Ohio on Saturday. Two men in the crowd look defiantly at the camera, proudly displaying the slogan on their matching T-shirts: “I’d Rather Be a Russian Than a Democrat.”

The sound you hear is the GOP presidents of the Cold War era — Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Reagan — whirring like turbines in their graves.


He may not have been physically present at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottsville, but I’d argue that his rhetoric has already gotten somebody killed.

Heather Heyer, R.I.P.


Trumps rally rhetoric and rabble-rousing has already gotten people killed - Heather Heyer only one example! The trump hate rallies are like hitler/nazi youth rallies and brown-shirt attacks - we are witnessing a treason against America, our Constitution and Bill of Rights and our Republic!

Let’s also consider trumps de facto rhetoric and empowerment of police killers/murderer’s of people of color - an epidemic of vicious brutality and murders with usually zero accountability or sanctions for racist police! Any age, any gender, any excuse can lead to death for minorities and the poor by pathological killer cops - the worst part is the police hierarchy will not - have not - done anything to change the dynamic!

The following article expose’ should be a wake-up call on vigilante vicious racist cops who murder and abuse at will! The killer cops exposed int his article are agents of trumps madness and treason!


Hopefully it will be him in the body bag.


Those that would rather be a russian, please move. I’ll help you pack your bags free of charge.


Yes, and all the proof you need is Trumps fascist, dangerous and sick statement after the Heather Heyer tragedy in Virginia : " there were good people on both sides". The unite the right movement must have loved that statement!


Please explain this comment…


I think it is social media that has made this now possible in the US. Conspiracy theories and misinformation now spread quickly on the internet. While some of these such as the Pizzagate story seem obviously to be false there are a lot of people who believe these things no matter how outlandish. It is known by the US security services in minute detail how the Russians are using social media to take down democracy in the US and have it replaced with autocracy. The Russians have been engaged in this since 1917 but now they actually have the tools to possibly make it happen. The main way for people who want to save democracy can fight back is to get more engaged in politics. If enough people sit back in disbelief or simply cannot bring themselves to get involved the situation will just grow worse. The upcoming election provides a major opportunity to slow this transition to autocracy down. People need to take advantage of this opportunity.


We don’t live in an actual democracy so what does " saving " it have to do with this article?
The Portland Police Dept. has suspended using flash-bang grenades after Saturday’s disasterous results. What were they thinking?
Additionally, they attacked the Anti-fascist counter-protesters and injured 5 of them. The PDX PoPo are historically apologists, or enforcers for right wing ideological organizations, sympathetic to authoritarian powers-that-be. Shameless white privilege.
And, in Portland it seems to be Okey-Dokey, too.
So, same as it ever was…


I’ve been retired for the last 17 yrs and have watched C-span’s Washington Journal consistently over that period. I’ll tell you what, If you want to hear certifiably crazy, this is the place to be at 7am est every morning 7/7. It’s like ALL the vampires, most of them from the “confederate” states, wake up and get out of their coffins to call in with the fucking crazy. If you ever get the chance (for those that work, it IS on at the same time on Sat & Sun) listen in and you will both laugh AND cry. USA, USA, USA, what a great fucking country!!!


And, I’ll help you by giving a good swift boot in the ass to get them started on their good riddance journey.


Who fucking cares? How much does Sean Hannity make off his grafter scam on housing in Ga?


We live in a representative democracy. I would say that often police in the US do a good job at these rallies when violence breaks out (the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer held the rally in Portland looking for violence and have been bragging about their violent actions in Portland against the antifa this past June) but in many instances police have overreacted and cops are people and many can get out of hand. I don’t think there is any question that Trump and Russia are a threat to US democracy. It is not some ideal democracy we might envision and which probably can never really exist but this a democracy and it needs to be defended right now as it is in serious trouble from both domestic and foreign sources…


Nothing the police did has much to do with Russiagate. Historically, it has everything to do with the comfort level of Uncle & Auntie Whitey and their properties in Lake Oswego and the Portland Hills.


Republican ideals? What ideals? The Republican party is better at packaging and branding and selling itself than the Democratic party, but to claim either corproate-ass sucking party has ideals is a stretch. The fact that a completely amoral and self-serving jerk like Trump can walk right in and take control of the Republican party simply proves there’s always room in either party for another crook and swindler, ideals be damned. Scolding the Republican party or the Democratic party for lacking ideals they never really had is a waste of time. Both parties have long history of pulling anything out of their ass to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Currently, the Republicans have been the more successful swindlers and crooks.


Shame on the American people if masses of American patriots who understand that our democracy is at stake in November do not come out in humongous numbers and vote out these corrupt, treasonous seditious republicans! The Trumpites are brainwashed cultists who are the zombie apocalypse and the sons of hell and the brood of vipers and must be stopped. The Trumpites are the dark side of America. God is not on their side at all, unless they are talking about Mammon and the devil! The true God, the creator, stands for truth and brotherly love, not lies and bigotry and hate, those are the works of the devil.

Save our democratic republic, vote for democrats this November! Stand up for what is right and the real truth, not fake Trump and his massive lies and corruption. The true God will never anoint an evil unrepentant man. The right wing religious people are deceivers and the deceived, the blind leading the blind. Democracy, use it or lose it! Get involved, do whatever you can. I will too!


So what do you suggest? Staying home and not voting won’t help. I say for nowvote for democrats and get rid of evil republicans that we know are all bad, then work on primarying outthe DINOs one at a time and primarying them out! We must make one party work for us little guys so let’s takeover the Democratic Party and make it the Green Democratic Socialist Party and let’s get to work on the second New Deal and clean up and green up do anything for a change. We can’t doanything unless more people who care get involved.


Yes, I agree. I have watched that show a lot myself. I call in but never get on, but the things that people say when they do call in are so ignorant and ridiculous that it is too bad the people calling in don’t even realize how ignorant and mean spirited they sound as they repeat Fox News talking points and things they heard at Trump rallies over and over again unquestioningly. The level of ignorance of our government and how it is supposed to function, the belief in wild conspiracy theories with no basis in fact, and the belief in alternative facts, and bigoted hatred is stunning! We desperately need to fix our public schools and make sure every student knows more about our country, our government, and our civic duty, and how to vote and get involved, and to learn debate and critical thinking skills and other things before they are allowed to graduate high school. It is obvious that our public schools have failed us somehow and we need to find out why and how to fix this.

Any ordinary immigrant who becomes a new American citizen knows more about this country and is prouder of it than many millions of born and bred American citizens who have been here for generations. It is truly shameful. Right wing propaganda and misinformation has a lot to do with this also. People need to learn to be better media consumers and not believe everything they are told but instead be more critical and ask more questions and learn how to think better. It is a national disgrace!


Good Link. Lots of other good links at the bottom of that page. Nothing we didn’t already suspect or know but really scary in terms of how overt and only half hidden this is. Goes along with cops mostly leaving the neo-Nazis alone (essentially just extended gang members) and go after those who protest these neo-brownshirts.


Good post! I agree! Keep up the good work!