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Trump’s Rally Rhetoric Is Going to Get Somebody Killed


Education is my big thing. We should be looking at the European education and take the good things that they are doing and immediately incorporate those things into our system. I still continue listening everyday hoping that things will get better, but unfortunately they are getting worse. I’m 71 now and may be one of the “lucky” Americans as I won’t be around that much longer to see the collapse.


LOL I don’t believe the spy people anymore…just hearing that FBI guy and his girlfriend were creepy enough, and Clapper lying and smiling at Congress as he says he lied…I keep looking for some kind of evidence. Then there’s that silly UK “deadly” novichok story where the ex spy and daughter live but the hamsters and the cat die, and what is all this about anyway? I look at Putin and see a man who helps Syria because he doesn’t want creepy NATO on his doorstep, and besides, I have read that Bill Clinton started the NATO move, back to the Russian line ----- so once again America doesn’t keep its word with Gorbachov.Gosh he didn’t get it in writing! Then when we have things in writing, the next elected group changes it.
I am most angry at the FBI who ignored Russia about the Chechens and the Boston Marathon deaths and injuries happened. Riddle me this. with 17 spy agencies-----nobody noticed the Russians were spying? LOL, cut the spy people because we have 17 spy agencies that seem to catch nothing, except a big part of the budget. .


The good news of this moment for me is that the ranting hate-filled diatribes of Alex Jones have now been pretty much taken off major media outlets. All that was needed was for one outlet (Apple) to make an ethical stand against Jones, and the other outlets quickly followed.

The GREAT news is that we can also pressure these same media outlets to drop that other liar/hater/blowhard: Donald Trump.

So, Media Outlets,who is going to be the first to pull your microphone out of the hate-mongering little fingers of our Commandeer-in-Cheat? Ethically, you are an accessory to every beating or killing that is surely coming as a result of your reporting the hate-filled, evil rhetoric of this madman. Read up on Journalistic Responsibility and ask yourself how much pain you are willing to inflict upon the world in your pursuit of blood-money. Then, do the world a favor by cutting off his mic.


I totally agree with the author, but the Democratic Party is also very shady #RememberBernie.
Everyone knows that corporate media has an agenda, and that agenda is to make money, just like any other corporation. That being said, remember Gary Webb? He was offed because he exposed the CIA-Crack Cocaine connection.
I believe that it is tough to have a credible, respected, vibrant media under a vulture capitalist system like ours. You might even want to look into the history of public education in the US, the history of organized labor in the US, the Civil Rights Movement in the US, the history of the FBI and CIA in the US.
Money Power is the all mighty GOD here, forget truth, justice, and liberty. Money is so powerful, it sweeps inconvenient truths under the rug without any thought about it; money power assassinates threats to its hegemeny; money power keeps education subpar; money power brainwashes people without the wherewithall to think critically.
Bottom line, rhetoric always gets people killed because discourse is power and a power dynamic. #RememberMLK #RememberHuey #RememberMalcolmX #RememberBobbyKennedy


Truth 1 raises a key issue by asking how much E. Robinson makes from his appearances as a liberal political
analyst for cable TV networks (MSNBC)—“ He who pays the piper picks the tune.”
In spite of Robinson’s usually insightful criticism of Establishment propaganda; this post leaves out the bedrock reality of journalists, himself included, betraying by their silence the captivity and soon to be
arrested the true journalist, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks.
Robinson follows the Democratic Party line about Russian “meddling,” when it was the CIA/FBI/NSA attempt to get Trump impeached; in order to prove that Hillary was had, and not responsible for her and her Party’s rotten campaign; and the Deep State expected her to win. WikiLeaks release of the Clinton/Podesta emails showed some startling truths about the Democratic Party and Hillary’s use of Saudi Arabian bankrolling for her and Bill’s Foundation; but Establishment media won’t publish much of the details, (“There was no there there”—FBI Strozk’s confession); but Assange’s WikiLeaks will and did. So what better reason for the military-industrial complex police to keep him and his truth telling machine silent—perhaps for ever?
Every writer calling themselves Progressive or critical of the corporate states’ propaganda, and not screaming at this injustice to Assange and WikiLeaks, betray their own craft; by letting their fear of income suicide
get in the way of their work.


When newspapermen like Robinson appear on TeeVee & Cable they offering opinions and speculative judgments. The Talkingng Heads on the television are entertaining " what ifs " and " we could see " intelligent guesses ( or propaganda/public relations/cover ), and 90% of it should be discounted, as just that. It’s a dubious side gig, but given the reality of $$$ in every pore of our body politic, not surprising.


Trump is inciting his crazy “base” AND one or more of these fucktards will eventually end up committing an atrocity. NO other politician in my lifetime did anything like this, and I’m fucking old.


Great question, but sadly, probably just rhetorical. The 24-hour news cycle—like Twitler’s ego itself!—has an insatiable appetite, so his every tweet, tic and tantrum qualifies as “news,” to be dissected, examined and analyzed for its implications until it runs its course, to be replaced by something more immediate.

Whether we choose to make any of it relevant is up to us.


“It was a meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from emissaries of the Russian government. It is not at all clear that it was legal. It is not the sort of thing ever done in politics.

My first thought on reading this was how idiotic the assertion is. Then I noticed the article was originally published by the Washington Post, which is probably where Winston Smith is now working.

Sorry, Democrats; I really don’t want to come across as supporting Trump, but you can only take this so far without getting called on it.

When I first heard accusations of Russian collusion, I figured a) it was the sort of thing that happened all the time, but as a gentleman’s agreement among candidates, no one pressed the issue and b) Hillary reneged on this agreement because of her tremendous offense at not having been elected and so many of her supporters supported that decision to renege.

Kind of like when an athlete gets caught using steroids, we all know that they wouldn’t have done so without playing the odds, and knowing how many of their teammates, etc. had already gotten away with it.

Could I be wrong? Yes, but more importantly, it is a huge issue that the Post states, as fact, no evidence whatever (doesn’t matter that it’s in an opinion piece,) that no one had ever done it before.


We are seeing the sickness of the United States of America----and it is steeped in racism and HATE for the other—genocide----slavery—and economic domination of the world. This is what Trump and the good Germans are defending-they know what they are doing.


So will Gene Robinson be calling out MSNBC for getting Trump elected. All through the 2016 election Trump speeches would be televised throughout—it was like wall to wall coverage of Trump------all for ratings-----and the talking heads thought Trump would lose. MSNBC could have created a real dialog between Clinton and Sanders and driving ratings in a positive way. Instead Clinton hid and MSNBC did everything they thought would work to Clintons advantage. So Mr. Robinson when will you call out this network that stuffs your pockets full of CASH.


This could be the second time in history when a mouth - backed only by a severely demented brain - is a weapon of mass destruction. The first time? More than five million dead!


Americans who do not bother to vote are a problem. Unfortunately
Americans too often find polling places closed or hours cut along
with a requirement for an ID that many voters lack. In the last election
many voters found themselves kicked off the voter rolls completely.
If you were dismayed at the dirty tricks played on voters in the last
election, the upcoming November ones promises to be even worse.


From Portland’s Willamette Week article “War Zone,” the quoted comments from Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys ragged racists were interesting. They expressed appreciation for the Portland Police “doing their job” of directing violence toward Antifa sign carriers and vicious name callers. The alt-right groups were armed. Maybe the Portland Police prevented a gun fight. Dressed in riot gear didn’t inspire much trust that they may have done the right thing.


Now the UN Human Rights chief agree’s…in very diplomatic terms (timid and qualified)…saying Donald Trump’s anti-press rhetoric is “very close to incitement to violence” that would lead to journalists censoring themselves or being attacked".

I don’t think the ginger child’s rhetoric or his extremist political intent needs to be qualified…he openly incites his angry-moron base and supremacist racists to increase their hate that has, and will continue to promote to violence from differing groups (including police agencies) that use his words to justify their violence!

In any normal society our elected representatives should denounce such exhortations to hatred, racism, bigotry and violence against those deemed targets, but we are in such a corrupted time when money rules and the media is a pathetic complicit shadow of what is needed from that sector in any republic (or “democracy”), that those voices that should stand-up for justice, civil rights and the critical role of the Fourth Estate, are silent with few exceptions…silence IS complicity!