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Trump’s Recycling Program


Trump’s Recycling Program

Rebecca Gordon

A barely noticed anniversary slid by on March 20th. It’s been 15 years since the United States committed the greatest war crime of the twenty-first century: the unprovoked, aggressive invasion of Iraq.


We’ve always been at war with Peace…


Re the lead photo: it occurs to me that composting is a perfectly acceptable form of recycling. Let the worms have all three of them.


The US’ post WWII legacy is peppered with war criminals who in many cases are more widely admired in the US today (by both Dimcritters and GOP operatives) than they were when they were committing their crimes, including, but not limited to the Dulles brothers, Henry Kissinger, Saint Ron, Condy Rice…


If the MSM wasn’t complicit with the parties of the Duopoly in covering up these War Crimes, public opinion would judge these corrupt politicians much differently.


Trump says he is good at war. How is he doing in wars being fought in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen? The Afghanistan is really a US war. It has been going on since 2001. It is no longer Bush’s war or Obama’s war, it is now Trump’s war. Congress voted overwhelmingly to get involved; even the progressive’s favorite politician Bernie Sanders voted for it. How is Trump doing in dealing with the Taliban? Does he have a plan to end US involvement? Does he have any plan at all?


A horrifying and beautiful documentation of what has come to pass as normal and sane.
Thanks for this great and difficult work!


Please Common Dreams, don’t post this photo again of these disgusting pieces of trash. Traitors to their country, makes me think of unspeakable acts.


Yet another hatchet job that contains useful facts, but hides many others. The only mention of Dems is that the Clintons began an office to assist war crimes victims and Obama set the stage for the U.S./Saudi slaughter of Yemenis. For a journalist to dance around the consistency of U.S. duopoly imperial policy since WW2 is nothing but a whitewash - a crime against honest journalism.

While truth is a hideously difficult thing to ascertain, there is no such thing as selective truth.If journalism isn’t about truth-seeking and truth-telling, it’s worse than nothing.


Joseph Goebbels: On the “Big Lie” Nazi Germany

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


I feel this article is a bit premature. Sure Trump is killing around the world much the same as Obama and Bush before him. But I cannot help but feel the real atrocities are ahead…and with a long enough timeline, perhaps not even overseas.


Goebbels learned this from Edward Bernays who wrote a book named Propaganda in the 20s. It big lie is now standard operating procedure for virtually every aspect of our society at this point. Never in history has a society been so socially programmed. It’s all lies…the war on terrorism, Russia!!!, 911, that your vote matters, the police are there for your safety, that this is a democracy, that the media tells you the truth, the markets are free, that you are free…all Big Lies. It really is quite Orwellian now, and we haven’t really even begun to experience the real pain.


I’m beginning to hate being an American!


Agreed that the photograph of Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney should not be posted again, it is difficult to not spit at the image on the screen.


Welcome to the club, I’ve been in it for about 15 yrs.


But the truth caught up with Goebbels in the bunker, didn’t it? And the truth will inevitably catch up with our own war criminals. Unfortunately, many will suffer when the chickens come home to roost.


Hi Tom.

The Intercept podcast, Intercepted, had a good piece on how the US war against Iraq goes back to the Democrats beloved John F. Kennedy. ( https://theintercept.com/2018/03/21/us-war-iraq-legacy-of-blood/ )

In addition to his vehemently anti-communist (read: pro-imperialist) campaign to overthrow the governments of Cuba and Vietnam, Kennedy directed the CIA to overthrow the Qasim government of Iraq.

Have you ever heard any Democrats or any in the mainstream media critique John F. Kennedy’s imperialist intervention in Iraq?

The US mainstream media is atrocious. Those on the right claim there is a ‘liberal bias’. The media is certainly anti-Trump, but I would characterize the media of a ‘Washington Consensus’ bias. That is, a bias towards status quo plutocratic economics and US/Western imperialism.

As anti-Trump as they are now, I fully expect journalists to fall over themselves to get in bed(ed) with US soldiers and for the media to become cheerleaders for the US war efforts. Look at how Trump critic Fareed Zakaria fawned over Trump for bombing Syria, or how liberal icon Van Jones went from criticizing Trump to fawning over his Presidential prowess for his performance honoring a Navy Seal:


Steve Fernandez: Gelder is considered a 'progressive,'and CD is considered to be a 'progressive" media outlet. It’s hard to tell U.S. progressivism from the corporate mainstream any more.

Tom Johnson


I would like to see all of those responsible for the war in Iraq tortured on live tv. It wouldn’t take much they’d be singing like canary wimps quickly.


The Powers That Be would say otherwise. Supposedly and still widely believed is the whole Policeman of the World Peace Through Strength meme. Unfortunately, as ISIS and all parts of that ilk have proved, there is no way to become militarily armed sufficiently to do that “no one will dare mess with us” thing. The more heavily nuke armed armed we are, someone will convince themselves that that they can find a way to do a sneak attack that will make the high and mighty fall and put them on top of the remaining rubble heap.

But evidently that lesson is not learnable and we look to be very close to seeing if any one of us can survive long enough for radiation sickness to kick in.