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Trump’s Road to Debacle in the Greater Middle East


Trump’s Road to Debacle in the Greater Middle East

Alfred W. McCoy

The superhighway to disaster is already being paved.


However unwittingly, Trump is ensuring the accelerated collapse of American global hegemony.

And that would be a bad thing?


"Observers worldwide have concluded Donald Trump is a president like no other, that the situation he’s creating is without parallel and that his foreign policy is already a disaster without precedent.".

One sentence among many some appreciation ought be expressed for.
Trump MUST be impeached for honor and safety sake.
Let Pence try to finish Trump's administration and not look foolish.
Celebrate Trump finally in deep sh*t. His own.


Sincere thanks for the history lesson, but I was hoping for some actual analysis of where sending Kushner to Israel and dancing with the Saudis — the actual road djt is walking in the Middle East — is leading. What about his Arab friends isolating Qatar, with its US bases? It seems to me that he's matched Eden's achievements without a Suez crisis or the elaborate fiction sketched in this article. And I don't think he can possibly make it to the spring of '20. He's tiring of the game show already, and you need to remember the difference between the British parliamentary system and ours structured with separation of powers. The Congress can turn on him at any minute, and may already be beginning to do so. The courts definitely are, and Sessions has no control of anything. The only player following your scenario is Mad Dog, left to his own devices, but thank God even he isn't foolish enough to give Pence his armageddon fantasy by pushing Kim over the nuclear threshold.

I think it will be a very different debacle, but indeed in 6 months djt and his chosen warriors have destroyed US standing in the world.