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Trump’s Saudi Trip Should Not Be to Clinch Arms Deal But to End Yemen War


Trump’s Saudi Trip Should Not Be to Clinch Arms Deal But to End Yemen War

Medea Benjamin

President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia is designed to highlight his "art of deal" by clinching a massive $100 billion arms deal. But instead of using his presidency to be a salesman for the arms industry, Trump should be a statesmen for the suffering Yemenis. He should use his visit to press for a ceasefire and negotiations to end the conflict in Yemen.


Would Trump have 30 CEOs in tow on this trip (including the bankster kingpins) if this week’s mission was anything other than further enhancing the fortunes of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) by peddling more arms in the nations they visit ?


This president doesn’t want Peace. He wants to fill the coffers with money, money from sales of instruments of destruction.

#The Empire Must Fall


The Pentagon kills children with robots and creates a gazillion terrorists on this planet. America is the dumbest country on this planet. We pay to be spied on by our own government, build secret robots on secret military bases for secret wars for secret war profits for the dumbest sons a bitches to ever draw a breath. God we’re stupid.


“Should” not. The “S” word. How to get Trump and the rest of the world to do the things they “should.”


Trump just signed a $110,000,000,000 sale of military armaments to Saudi Arabia. One of the most egregious, totalitarian regimes in the world! Let me ask: how many innocent men,women, and children will be murdered by this sale?


What is the sense of $110 billion in new killing equipment if you don’t have anyone to kill?

Who better to kill that impoverished poor people who never threatened or attacked Saudi Arabia.

Worked so well for the yanks who killed 3 million in SE Asia!!