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Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media


Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media

Robert Reich

Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it. They use seven techniques that, worryingly, President-elect Donald Trump already employs.


It has been obvious for some time that Trump is authoritarian. So what is really worrying is how could so many people who claim to hold American values vote for him. Why would so many people in the US vote for someone who represents the opposite of what is assumed to be their beliefs? Both sides do not trust the media, One side thinks it is dominated by liberals and the other side thinks if simply follows orders of corporate owners. How did these conspiracy theories arise and can they be combated so that most people have some trust in the media. If you lose all trust in the press where does that leave you?


This another BS article. There is no "free and independent media" in the USA.

The media was co-opted long ago . It is the propoganda arm of the 1 percent and nothing more. Where was Reichs concern for a free and indepndent press 20 years ago?

What is happening here is quite obvious. From Solomon to Krugman, from Reich to Nichols , all of these ex Hillary supporters are now railing against Trump for the same trangressions that occurred under Presidents before him. This is not a defense of Trump. It pointing out the hypocrisy pf these Clinton supporters.

Here is that "free and Independent media".


Couldn't agree more. Free and independent, my ass. And, while we're at it, let's give the democracy thing a rest.


Trump's highest 2016 priority is establishing his own media complex that is "free and independent" to the extent it is less credible than the existing propaganda purveyors that pass for "free and independent media". Trump's media will expand beyond tweets to whatever platforms he deems most effective in expanding his already extensive propaganda dissemination.

Trump's second highest 2016 priority was being elected POTUS. Crewing his pirate ship that will rule the US is distracting Trump from expanding his media complex until the ship is ready to sail on January 20.


"Turn the public against the media"??? The media has accomplished that all by itself. Mr. Reich is getting long in the tooth if he believes the media had any credibility prior to Trump coming along.

I agree that Trump is, and will continue to make matters worse. But that's virtually irrelevant given the pack of lies and propaganda the MSM feeds us daily.


News that has corporate backing turns into a propaganda spreading outlet. Even the two main news outlets,(the Washington Post and the NY times) just repeat what the government says, no fact checking, no holding accountability, etc. I'd be surprised if there is ever an investigated story such as the Post's story on the Nixon crap in the 70's these days; those times are over. In the past decades there has been more squashing of stories by the government,i.e. the new surveillance after 9/11, and it only gets worse and never better. These are totally different times than the days I grew up, the 60's early 70's, and that was during the cold war and the 'Nam. I guessing we'll be seeing this a lot more with the new assholes in the 'house'. Let's keep these independent publications funded to get "real" news and know what's really going on.


I've been saying for months now that Trump will win the White House because he is not part of the establishment. His treatment of the media is thoroughly warranted and there are NO journalists left in America. They are in Russia and embassies in London. Or in the ground. Or jail. Trump is putting to voice what most Americans already know.
The entire system is rigged.


I don't think you understand how the media works... if you're using RT as an example.


What has RT to do with my post?

It not even mentioned.


It leaves us in a very bad state. I no longer really trust any media. I just assume they all have some level and some type of bias. I try to ingest as many different angles of media that I can and sift through it to see what is consistent and what seems true. I used to think CNN tried to be unbiased, but about a year ago Ben Carson had come within two points of Trump in the polls (the closest anyone got to Trump in the primaries) and CNN spent a week attacking Carson. They basically called him a liar because they couldn't find enough information to verify stories he wrote of his childhood. They found no information to disprove his stories, but that didn't seem to matter. Carson's polling dropped and nobody came close to Trump again. I like Common Dreams a lot, but of course it is biased as well.


Is Reich serious? He uses Trump picking on the WaPo in his number three bullet point as an example of Trump Turning the public against the media(Reich's own words). I am assuming that Reich is familiar with the WaPo / PropOrNot fiasco. Obviously, Trump was never needed here. WaPo, all by itself, has eviscerated any thought that corporatized journalism was ever legit (Think Judith Miller / NYT in the run up to the Iraq war). This is offensive. Reich is speaking to the alt-news crowd here and I really think he thinks we're stupid.


He probably does. I'm sure he picks up a nice check for vacuous articles like this. I don't know why CD would run it. That's kind of scary all by itself as judging by the comments, absolutely no one is buying it.


I would like to add that another way he "controls the media" is by voicing soundbites that are short and have no regard for truth, only "winning", as he knows the press is 'obligated' to reprint them, and therefore his message is broadcast and 'validated'. He controls the media by playing them at their own constraints of having to recite his words. The media make his words the truth. In social situation one learns the only way to combat a narcissist is to ignore them. The press does not have that choice, and is held hostage as a result. The press is a enabler in a forced marriage to him and cannot leave but has yet to learn how to combat this problem.


Lrx, are you paying attention to what is happening right now?

The United States is in some serious danger at this moment and you're trying to spread the idea that we should be concerned about combatting conspiracy theories “so that most people have some trust in the media”. Yeah that'll fix everything.

“Hillary at any cost 2016!” Despite everything…


As others have already pointed-out, "the media" needs no further control by Trump, they are already a wholly-owned subsidiary parroting Trumps deceit and pathological lies at any and every opportunity. When big-money is equated with "free speech", "corporations are people", and "growth"/profits above all else is paramount, can there be any other result?


It's almost as if some of the people who voted for Trump did it because they know who he is and they want him to destroy the United States.


My video reinforcing Reich's message:


Oh please. What about the very site you are on? Democracy Now? Counter Punch? There are plenty of alternative sources out there.


Yes, it's not the bias that's the problem, it's the dishonesty and outright lying. For different perspectives from truth tellers I come here and lewrockwell.com (which made the list of "fake news" sites). And, like you, I seek other sites, including RT.