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Trump’s “Skinny” Budget Omits Most of the Budget


Trump’s “Skinny” Budget Omits Most of the Budget

Richard Kogan

President Trump released his so-called “skinny” budget today, and it contains substantially less detail than “skinny” budgets of the last five administrations going back to Ronald Reagan. The Trump budget includes only estimates for fiscal 2018 and only for its proposed changes to discretionary programs (those funded through the annual appropriations process) — even though discretionary programs make up less than one-third of the federal budget. The Trump budget omits any figures on entitlement or mandatory spending (e.g., Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal ret


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To Govern

Inept. This administration gives 'new' meaning to the word.


Historically, national budgets expanded with the national economy. No governmental department faced cuts. Cuts were forced only when the national economy was in a downturn.

So what's going on here, and why aren't reporters questioning this historic reversal?