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Trump’s Spectacle Misdirects Us From Our Government’s Destruction


Trump’s Spectacle Misdirects Us From Our Government’s Destruction

Dave Johnson

Making people “Look over there!” is a classic magician’s trick. The magician misdirects the audience’s attention, while palming a coin or putting a dove in a pocket. Misdirection is also used by con men far and wide.


A twelfth carrier task force is hardly necessary for the (Middle East) Gulf but does significantly boost the American power profile in Asian Pacific waters. What is curious is which becomes the misdirection? Is it the carrier that distracts us from the changes being foisted on America by the Trump steamroller oligarchy of government by billionaires?

Or is it the substitution of this billionaire rule form of government that misdirects our gaze from a serious increase in long distance war making capacity that is inherent in a twelfth carrier task force?


Personalities are meaningless, but the oligarchy elevates them to do its thing. When will people realize that the nice, polite conservatives and conservadems are like quiet, baby snakes packed with venom?


Add to the list of Trump's sinister, regressive actions the execution of House Speaker Ryan's plans to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other "domestic" programs that Ryan has been pushing since he arrived in DC in 1999.

In his speech to Congress this week, Trump adopted Ryan's language, saying he will "keep Social Security and Medicare SOLVENT". The easiest way to keep any program, private or public, SOLVENT is to increase the amount recipients pay while reducing what recipients get.


"Trump’s Spectacle Misdirects Us From Our Government’s Destruction"

What makes you think this is YOUR government? You might want to reconsider that premise.


What is interesting is when i was promoting Stein - others continually made the suggestion that as Pres., she couldn't really do anything without Congress - well it appears that a Pres. can do a hell of a lot without Congress (smile) .....


"Trump provides the...behavior that will get us to “Look over there!” And while we’re all gazing at the shiny object, the pro-corporate and anti-worker agenda unfolds...."

hmmmm, why does that sound so familiar?


" ... a floppy rubber chicken"? Oh do elaborate ....

Odd, indeed ...


In view of the 1% getting 99% of their pet legislation signed by the POTUS while the 99% have barely gotten 1% of their pet legislation signed by the POTUS ever since Saint Ron' revolution, the question is not - What can a POTUS get Congress to accomplish ?, its been more like - Can the POTUS prevent Congress from further harming us ?

With Wall Street owning Washington DC (as Senator Dick Durbin confirmed more than a decade ago) the best the 99% can hope for is that all 21st century POTUS do no harm, the motto the medical profession publicly promotes.


It seems to me that the current President is the culmination of a15->16 year PLAN to manifest a corporate coup. Mission accomplished!
Trump is the frosting on a very unpleasant unconstitutional cake. See it as a long term action, and direct your attention to the root, and ignore the everyday shenanigans. The diversions.


" What makes you think this is YOUR government?"

The narrative that the U.S. government is : for the people; by the people; and of the people; is nothing but a fairy tale taught in grade school and only believed by the most naive and politically sophomoric.

Cicero's statement that democracy is political, participation in governmental, power is as true today in the American Empire, as it was in the Roman Empire.