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Trump’s Speech Wasn’t The Scary Part: All The Republican Groveling Was

Trump’s Speech Wasn’t The Scary Part: All The Republican Groveling Was

Heather Digby Parton

I waited for TV pundits to declare the "pivot" and proclaim Donald Trump to be our one true president after Tuesday night's lengthy State of the Union address. But with the exception of Fox News State TV, most were less effusive than the last time he addressed a joint session of Congress. That's not to say that nobody was impressed. Some people were evidently nearly brought to tears:

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This is a great view on that ‘‘speech’’, which is, of course, just reading words that were written for a dummy by someone else. sadly - the T horror show will commence right away, can’t wait for the mornings blitzs.

The world is watching this T in horror, and also his party and yes men cabinet. history would remember that cabinet meeting when every secretary praised T. it was shocking. Mussolini live. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus live.

A party that dares eliminating ‘‘meals on wheels’’.

Dror, Israel.


We are witnessing the rise of not just the demagogue Trump and his huge Cult of worshippers - future Brownshirts (or will it be Orangeshirts?) - but the transformation of one of the two Duopoly parties into a blatantly Nationalistic, authoritarian organization. Too many people try to paint all of them as inconsequential, or some small annoyance that will be dealt with soon by either Mueller or the other Duopoly party in November, and then quickly put into the dustbins of history. Far from it.

Trump can disappear tomorrow, but the fascist Cult he has created, and the GOP in large part becoming the visible voice of that Cult, will still be here. The shocking display of racism and embracing of fascism and destruction of democratic norms by the GOP and so many millions of Americans will remain - and grow in the fertile soil of withering economic opportunities brought on by our neoliberal overlords and Trump, their enabler. “The Other” will be blamed - immigrants, “foreigners,” brown-skinned people, and eventually progressives and those on the left who do not bow and worship Dear Leader (whoever that might be, Trump or his successor to lead the Cult).

It not only can happen here, it IS happening here, as we speak. Listen to the rabid, wild-eyed fanatics who scream on Hate Radio their adoration of Trump and all he stands for, or on TV’s Fox, Hannity, Ingraham, etc; read the posts on web forums by sycophantic disciples bragging about loving Nazis and how we fought on the wrong side in WW2, and how great Trump is and all he stands for. Watch the statistics of hate crimes quadrupling against minorities, immigrants, Muslims, even white people on the left. These are rabidly loyal right-wing extremists with a cult-like mindset about their ideology, and they number in the millions, and they walk among us. Remember Charlottesville. I have read posts calling for the opening of concentration camps for “libtards and illegals,” watched as ICE has become a jack-booted force similar to the Nazi SS, rounding up thousands in the middle of the night, watched as the President plans to form his own private “security/intelligence service,” a secret little Gestapo answerable to nobody, to compete directly against the FBI and CIA and serve the President’s wishes exclusively. I have watched as formerly abhorrent behavior by Americans - making racist remarks, marching without masks with torches through American streets while screaming Nazi slogans and giving the Nazi salute, gloating publically about rounding up legal residents of the U.S. and throwing them in detention centers, bragging about sexual assault, bragging about pedophilia - has become normalized.

Scary is not a sufficiently serious word for what is happening.

Treating them as if they are simply a tiny, inconsequential minority that will slink back under their rocks before much longer is wrong and dangerous. They will not. We ignore this reality at our peril.


There is nothing “new” about the GOP’s “eagerness” to bolster Trump’s power…the GOP has been doing this ever since Trump won his first primary, despite their serial display of Brer Rabbit’s “PLEASE DON’T THROW ME IN THE BRIAR PATCH” tactic.

Trump’s masterful reality TV presidency is a second to none smokescreen that keeps most of us distracted while the GOP drains the US Treasury out the back door, also destroying Murka’s few remaining characteristics of democracy.

Meanwhile, the fake news media tells us how little legislation Trump and the GOP have moved forward, ignoring the fact that the Trump/GOP agenda has made and continues to make great leaps forward by serially circumventing the legislative process wherever possible.


Thanks; your comment is sharp and honest.

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I don’t have a strong stomach so I could only watch it for ten minutes. I went to bed praying that the speech did not affect his approval rating.

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My hope is that the Republicans pay for their “brain-dead eagerness” in the next election!

Basically there was a monster lurking in the bosom of every single one of those sycophants…a monster that has been liberated at last and is going to take advantage of the opportunity to wreak havoc and seize the power and money it has been craving. These individuals are rotten to the core, corrupt, sleazy goons every one of them. I don’t have much hope for the immediate future…

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From Reason.com, a Libertairan site: “Indifference to sexual libertinism. Pro-Moscow sympathies. Paranoid conspiracy theories. A violent, radical fringe. Hatred of the G-men at the FBI, along with the rest of The Corrupt Establishment. Four decades ago such markers defined the radical left—and everything about liberalism that conservatives loathed. Now, they increasingly define the American right—all thanks to Donald Trump.”

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Hate crimes are already up since trump took office. Just read a report that said the amount of white nationalist flyers etc being distributed on college campuses are up 200% since he was elected. They are doing more than speak on hate radio, they are acting on what Trump encourages them to do.
They seek more power to control this country. And right now the republicans are sucking up to trump and enabling them. Unfortunately a number of republicans also belong to the white nationalists.
It is happening to us. And you are right, ignoring them is not going to do well for us.

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Does anyone think that in a battle between Trump and the National Security apparatus, Trump will win?

And why is it surprising that the Republicans would rally around Trump? Despite (or because of?) his bumbling and blathering on Twitter, the base loves him. And his handlers actually run the show–which isn’t much different from previous R-Party shows.

Besides, rallying around their fellow party members–that’s what people in parties tend to do: Like Bernie did, like the LOTE voters around do.

Here’s the real takeaway: Internal polling on a state-by-state and district-by-district basis probably has the Republicans feeling confident. So do recent trends in party ID and generic ballot polling. So does the upcoming cave in on immigration the Dems are about to chain themselves to. So does the fact that the Ds have to defend 24 senate seats, while the Rs only have to defend 8. So does Dow 30,000.

Based on the above paragraph, can a D-party loyalist around here tell me what Ds are running on in 2018? Hope that Mueller will hand out indictments?