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Trump’s State of the Union Belies His Policies on Social Security, Prescription Drugs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/06/trumps-state-union-belies-his-policies-social-security-prescription-drugs

I can just see Rump threatening the Social Security of his gun toting following.

We may very well see many attempts from that group, to silence the litany of lies we’ve had to endure.

After RUMP cuts the Talibundies’ and other gun toters’ social security and medicare he will be blaming Obama, Hillary, and just about every other Democrat for the cuts, just as he has concerning other issues. RUMP is a kindred spirit with his cult…everything they don’t like is not their fault or RUMP’s fault, it is somebody else’s fault.

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Are you trying to break my heart? Silence the Great Liar? Why that would be plum awful!!! I guess I neglected to mention I’m a recipient of SSDI after paying into the trust for forty years, part of the time which I was self employed and paid both the employee and employer portion of F.I.C.A. and Medicare. It’s truly comforting knowing that The Donald has my back and will protect Social Security Retirement and SSDI as he promised in 2016. One couldn’t ask for a better friend, leader, and president! /s

Reminds me of Hillary and the DNC concerning the 2016 election.