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Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision


Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision

Bill McKibben

People say, if all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. We should be so lucky. President Trump has a hammer, but all he’ll use it for is to smash things that others have built, as the world looks on in wonder and in fear. The latest, most troubling example is his decision to obliterate the Paris climate accord: After nearly 200 years of scientific inquiry and over 20 years of patient diplomacy that united every nation save Syria and Nicaragua, we had this afternoon’s big game-show Rose Garden reveal: Count us out.


Medieval king Canute was told that his royal power was such that he need but command the waters to keep the tide from coming in. He nearly drowned!

Trump commands that climate change is a hoax. Perhaps he will be standing by the shore (figuratively) as sea level rises?


Bill, I think you said it all in this paragraph; small gestures by Obama, read Democrats, and worse by Republican Administrations. Small steps forward, yet the world gets ever farther behind. Does that give the US bragging rights? You answer that. I like you have been arrested standing up to the fossil fuel industry while standing up for people who sacrificed a whole lot more. Ours is a dysfunctional government. Our people are slaves to it.


“…he’s calling his own bluff.” Um, I don’t think he was bluffing.

He’s really going to support worldwide fracking.
And support more drilling off of American shores.
He’s already made it clear that he’s cozy with the Saudis.
And pipelines, he supports those too.

Now then, Bill McKibben, who else did those things I just listed, even as they put a bandaid on climate change with the woefully inadequate Paris agreement?

I’ve always respected your urgency, Bill. Same goes for your fairly realistic portrayal of how weak Paris really is. So rest assured, the world will be “shaken into action.”

Mass migrations away from low-lying flood plains, famine, drought, and horrific storms will do that.


Its more than stupid and reckless. Try criminal and vicious!!


Having just read the agreement, and knee-deep in the “sovereignty” argument with an idiot on Facebook, I too am having a hard time seeing what anybody could think we needed to pull out of. A vague commitment to share funding and technology with small countries that are already literally losing ground to the oceans? Wouldn’t that be American jobs? Oh, not established industries like the arms merchants who went along to cheer in Riyadh.


You, Bill, are choosing an indefensible Agreement to make your point. The Paris accord was dead before anyone signed it. So very compromised and with no teeth etc.
Benjamin Studebaker shows up its flaws in his blog. Look him up

“The Paris Climate Agreement’s Failure Was Structurally Inevitable”


I knew we could count on something like this being in this piece:

“A few fossil-fuel barons may be pleased (Vladimir Putin likely among them,”


I woke up this morning with a song in my head. You know how it is, it just stays there. I don’t know the name of the song, but it includes, “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.” It concluded Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.


Are how about a nightmare and a devastation of the whole planet.

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt; but our climate denier is tweeting his insanity while the whole earth burns!


Vera Lynn’s “We’ll meet again”. I know of it due to a song in Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


The words Trump and lie are interchangeable.


In other words Paris was a sham but maybe enacting a sham would lead to everyone realizing it’s a sham and actually do what needs to be done?

So tell me how Trump pulling out of the sham (not because it’s a sham but because he plays to the deniers) changes that dynamic? It doesn’t. Any hope for the survival of an ecosystem that will accommodate our species is still dependent upon everyone doing something different than Paris.

So if Clinton had been elected and agreed to Paris then all the media and cultural liberals would be fast asleep thinking the sham would save them?

Maybe it’s a good thing Trump blew this up with his idiot behavior?


No, it’s more like that proven phenomenon of how pretending to smile, among others who are smiling, may actually help you to feel happier. And whatever the cause, the momentum is rising. What’s most reckless about djt’s charade (and that’s what it is) is how it pulls the US out of the community of nations that care about the planet we share.


Future: Trump looks in dismay as Mar-a Largo becomes submerged due to melted ice caps. Oh well, he was told by a chorus od scientists and citizens, sorry! LOL! Then cry for the rest of Earth’s inhabitants.


The USA and the community of nations?

That community is making a concerted effort to enact a way around our reserve currency.
That community negotiated the sham Paris Accord because the USA couldn’t/wouldn’t do something stronger.
Last year we bombed seven members of that community.