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Trump’s Supreme Court Pageant: a Silly Show to Fill a Stolen Seat


Trump’s Supreme Court Pageant: a Silly Show to Fill a Stolen Seat

Richard Eskow

The 45th President of the United States just handled one of his gravest responsibilities, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice, with his trademark vulgar and vaudevillian vapidity. Only 11 days into his presidency, Donald Trump’s shtick has become as boring as it is dangerous. If a president’s only duty were to entertain his audience, Trump would already be facing impeachment.


The author writes, "It’s the people’s seat. Republicans stole it from the president who was elected to fill it ..."

Yeah ... but Obama had his own role in this, backing down from making a serious fight over his right to make an appointment. He did not take it to the people, even during an election year. Who knows, maybe he was being pressured to "court" Republicans for Hillary, and told not to make waves.


Dem Party collusion/capitulation and Obama timid failure to fight for Merrick Garland led to this - if that principled strong stand/fight had happened we might not be where we are now...................


If Dems fail to stop the Gorsuch nomination in its tracks I hope the blow-back is monumental. This hideous choice, coupled with Trump's pipeline 'proclamations' should be all the tinder that is needed to light a huge fire of protest, if not with the Dems, then they can go down too.


Vichy or not ?