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Trump’s Supreme Court Strikes Blow to Government Workers, Good Paying Jobs


Trump’s Supreme Court Strikes Blow to Government Workers, Good Paying Jobs

Mary Bottari

In a major blow to organized labor and good paying government jobs, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that government workers who choose not to join a union cannot be charged fees to reimburse the union for the cost of representing them in collective bargaining.

The decision was 5-4 in the Janus vs. AFSCME Council 31 case, with Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch supplying the deciding vote. Justice Samuel Alito, who actively invited a challenge to union fees, wrote the decision for the Court’s right-wing majority.


This is what happens when the whole apparatus of Government is handed over to Right Wing Ideologues.

Now with the announced retirement of Justice Kennedy, the Supreme Court of the United States, with its preponderance of Bush and Trump appointees will undoubtedly roll back even moderately progressive gains of the last 80+ years. That’s the plan. Once they have have the Judiciary, the miracle of a Jill Stein, or anyone else, being elected President won’t matter much.

The game is now in the 4th Quarter. The Koch’s and their class, as well as those who they have brainwashed into believing in, and voting for these people…are ahead by 7 touchdowns.

The next stage will be a combination of Plutocacy and “Christian Fascism”. Beware the darkness!


Correct, and when that happens, the only recourse left will be a full scale revolution. Infuriating to say the least.


How ironic that the evil man who caused all this, is named Mark Janus. Wow, what’s in a name? Mark from Marcus from MARS—well that makes sense a war monger upon the people.

All is not lost though------as JANUS is the God of Doorways and an original God too–not like most of the ones they copied in the Greeks. The great thing about Janus is that he has 2 faces, one looking forward and one looking back. In fact we celebrate him every year in January.

Now the evil Mr. Janus thinks he has the world of humanity by the tail, but maybe Janus has you, Mark, and shortly your own life could be impacted.
Remember nurses, firefighters, all kinds of public servants workers use unions. So, be careful driving, don’t ed up in the hospital, and as you ruminate on how many people’s lives you could have negatively affected-
---------- hopefully in any kind of emergency-----the well trained union ones will be there to help you-----------and if you get marginally trained ones because some corporations and businesses don’t want to pay for great training---------well, sorry, but on the positive side Janus can look in both directions------ forward and backward---------so if you end up in a backward situation--------well that’s life—without unions. : )


It may be the only recourse. But it will be bloody.
The founders were for the most part rich and they wanted a country run by the elite, by people like themselves. They abhorred the masses, it is why they created a republic instead of a full democracy. They got a country run by the rich.


The natural tendency of any multinational corporation is to maximize its profits which is primarily achieved by reducing as much as is humanly possible the benefits of the workers. In other words these corporations have no problem with enslaving the populace for personal gain because empathy is viewed as a weakness rather than a virtue. The typical sociopathic CEO enjoys massive windfalls if they’re capable of cutting labour costs. This has seen a rise not only in slave wages of the Far East or of Latin America, but of domestic prison populations as well. If an American earns minimum wage for their lifetime, they will die in abject poverty. This is a simple and obvious fact to anyone who lives in either a middle class or working class social stratum.
While this is a huge blow to humanity in general, it is the end game of any ruthless corporate CEO. Only when the poor unite, such as forming a union, do the masses have any hope of achieving economic sustenance. The union had more to do with creating a middle class in America than any other single factor over the last 150 years. Another ten million workers will get knocked off of their lower middle class lifestyle and suddenly find themselves immersed in the larger group known collectively as the “working poor”.
The sad part is that many Trump supporters will rejoice at the demise of the middle class precisely because they themselves are trapped in a “working poor” existence and feel jealousy and resentment towards the middle class which plays right into the hands of the billionaires and corporations… divide and conquer!


There will be no social revolution only continued violence including school shootings . That’s what these psychos want.


So they don’t resent the billionaires but resent people who made a little more than them? Doesn’t compute- sounds like these people have dementia.


Never understood that mentality- the rich and entitled. Gee, doctors are rich for the most part- but at least their goal is to help people not just amass money. Well, at least some of them are that way.


Great post! From what I read ( and this I believe) is that Janus got paid off by the Kochs. They used him a social worker as a tool. So, he “hates” his salary, his pension, and he did not join the union, but paid fees so he could benefit from the perks of being in one. The fees should never have been allowed either you accept a job and know about the union when you take the job, or if you do not want to join a union you take a non union job. This sixty six year old cry baby is said to have been well not such a good worker- that is what usually happens- the workers with problems get more vulnerable to being paid off or being cry babies. This happened last year also- but it got struck down. Rebecca something a member of a teachers’ union ( for almost thirty years) decided suddenly that she did not want to be a member. The rumor was that she and a small group behind this idiot decided this suddenly ( for “political reasons”) . If these idiots do not want these jobs- then let them work at Wal Mart. Rumor has it that Rebecca the teacher is dancing with joy. She conveniently “forgets” that her nice lifestyle came from being in a union otherwise she would be making minimum wage if that. Also, the theocrats hate unions and call them “communists”- this mainly comes from the Klan and the South. Rebecca and Mark are in Ca and Ill more known as union states. Hope they are choking on this “victory”, and hope that they lose their pensions provided by their unions.


Former Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is filthy rich much richer than Dump. He dispises Dump. He also has a foundation in which he offers training to students who have the capacity and want to learn more about high tech and engineering. These people might just be lacking the fiances to complete the training. Mr. Bloomberg is also an electrical engineer I think by trade.


Thank you, Mary Bottari, for this excellent article the day after the Supreme Court’s devastating, reactionary decision in the Janus case.

I especially appreciate your including the many quotes of dissenting Supreme Court Justice Kagan, law professors, legal experts, and union representatives that provide essential explanations of exactly why this decision by the 5 reactionary Supreme Court justices is radically wrong and unfair legally – and how it will be extremely harmful in many ways to workers, families, communities, and our nation, both immediately and for many years ahead.

In particular, I appreciate your article and quotes providing the big picture: that this decision – and this right-wing, reactionary, extremist, and activist 5-member majority on the Supreme Court (Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy, and Gorsuch) – are part of a multi-decade class-war by the 1% oligarchs, corporations, and their government “tools” against U.S. workers, the middle-class, and the poor (that is, against the U.S. majority of citizens).

Dozens of books and hundreds of articles during the past 45 years have proven that the U.S. ruling-class is systematically destroying U.S. representative government and the common people’s democratic rights, is destroying the middle-class and increasing the number of poor citizens, is creating a cancerous inequality of wealth and power between the super-rich 1% and 99% of the population, and is making the U.S. an increasingly unequal, unjust, and inhumane oligarchy, plutocracy, and “corporatocracy”.

Supreme Court decision after decision show that the oligarchy-favoring ideologues on the current Supreme Court are a central part of this intentional, systematic transformation of the U.S. into an increasingly unjust, unequal, inhumane, exploitative, and oppressive oligarchy.

How far down this declining road do you think this destructive trend will go? And what will be the end result?


This puts us one step closer to neofeudalism wherein the 1% own everything and the 99% are defacto slaves (also known as serfs) which are much better (for the 1%) than real slaves. Defacto slaves do not need to be purchased, housed or fed…just used up and disposed of like the next roll of toilet paper.


why didn’t Kennedy wait until after the mid-terms to resign?